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    Now or wait?

    I have been a member but lost my email so this is a new account. We are looking to buy but wondering if we try to get pre qualified now or wait. We are in Florida. These are the mortgage scores 5,4,2 678 EQ 671 EX 714 TU So 678 mid score.... I just paid 2k or my 7k cc balance and more to come that won't reflect for at least 30 days. Have a bankruptcy that will be 4 years old on 3/16/2021 Sold a home 3 years ago in February. 1- Do I wait for score to be at least 680 or keep going to 700? 2- Do I wait till March for conventional options vs FHA? 3- Do we wait till February to be 1st home buyer again? Don't think my income will allow it anyway. Over 85k. With sign on bonus over 100k.

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