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  1. How is it different than shipped to you than the PDF they print out from the three main branches?
  2. Those photo clips are from the credit reports from annual credit reports. Is there a different way to go about doing that?
  3. We didnt use her information, we used his as the main person on the loan (she is secondary) and we were able to see all the information that way. He is currently attempting to get a timeline going and have her tell what information she knows but shes a miserable person.
  4. That does make sense, well most than anything. I asked him to request paperwork on everything and so far he hasnt but I assume I guess thats where the paperwork will come in? This poor finance dept is gonna hate us at the end of all of this but they have been super nice in helping us figure it all out. I do have the credit report as well i just need to pull it up. I'm not even sure what paperwork needs to be compared with what at this point. Someone wondered if I got a notarized statement from her that she lied about removing his name theyd be more willing to remove it. etc. After pulling up the transunion this one does say 2024 as the fall off date.
  5. So this is probably overly detailed but this is my first post and I've been researching how to fix this to help a friend of mine and dont want to leave out any information that could be helpful. First of all I'm in Alabama. Looking for advice a for a friend im helping. He went thru a bad breakup with this girl who destroyed anything she could, He decided to co-signed a car with her and almost immediately started making late payments. After the final breakup he put his foot down about the car and told her she had to remove his name from it, so she came over and he signed a bunch of paperwork to remove his name from the kia in around 2016-2017 but the ...dude...didnt keep copies for himself then he never followed up on it (i knoooowww) and hasnt talked to her since. Since hes completely clueless about credit he asked me to help and i find this chaos and that his name has never been removed. Hes since gotten another car and apparently didn't think much of the 17% interest rate because she had destroyed so much. I was not there to help him say no but his other car was literally towed in. Not sure he had other options. I digress. We forgot to ask the date of repossession (i cant tell based off this chart but will call back) but it was told to me that it was repossessed then sold/ charge offs happened then, and the green months are the months she's been paying the left over off (def didn't expect that) and she finished in May this year that's why the Repo is on may this year so its paid. From what we can sorta tell it happened in 2017-2018 then the charge offs happened? What are the chances we can get this off his record? I know itll fall off in 7 years anyway but clueless on when it would even start to count 7 years. All contacts were made to her, all payments by her. They never even contacted him at all when she fell behind and let it get repossessed/maybe turned it over? (They had all of his information but never once contacted him). He was finally able to get ahold of her today after weeks of trying and her only response was "i paid it off in may" and when asked WHEN it was repossessed she 'couldn't remember'. We called worrying there was about to be a lawsuit coming for the remaining balance and we are sure there's nothing left to pay on it. He never received any notice that the car was behind on payments, repossession, or anything. He assumed his name had indeed been removed from the car. I was able today to at least create an account with Kia and see her past payment history. There seems to be many months they claimed late payments on the credit reports but they never charged late fees after those months until later on. I know everyone says to dispute the entire thing but WHAT should we say as we've talked to them multiple times trying to figure information out that wasn't available to use via Experian etc. For example in the credit report it shows SO many late payments but the first 'late payment fee' isnt charged until 9-13-2015 but as you see theres almost 2 years of marked late payments. I feel like writing them a letter saying he doesnt know what it is when we just talked to them is a bit odd. I dont want to mess anything up worse off than it is. Thanks so much. Any advice? He really needs to refinance his current car/trade in/etc (has 17% interest rate on it). There's also a credit card she left many late payments on in his name as well but thats another battle.

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