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  1. How is it different than shipped to you than the PDF they print out from the three main branches?
  2. Those photo clips are from the credit reports from annual credit reports. Is there a different way to go about doing that?
  3. We didnt use her information, we used his as the main person on the loan (she is secondary) and we were able to see all the information that way. He is currently attempting to get a timeline going and have her tell what information she knows but shes a miserable person.
  4. That does make sense, well most than anything. I asked him to request paperwork on everything and so far he hasnt but I assume I guess thats where the paperwork will come in? This poor finance dept is gonna hate us at the end of all of this but they have been super nice in helping us figure it all out. I do have the credit report as well i just need to pull it up. I'm not even sure what paperwork needs to be compared with what at this point. Someone wondered if I got a notarized statement from her that she lied about removing his name theyd be more willing to remove it. etc. After pulling up t
  5. So this is probably overly detailed but this is my first post and I've been researching how to fix this to help a friend of mine and dont want to leave out any information that could be helpful. First of all I'm in Alabama. Looking for advice a for a friend im helping. He went thru a bad breakup with this girl who destroyed anything she could, He decided to co-signed a car with her and almost immediately started making late payments. After the final breakup he put his foot down about the car and told her she had to remove his name from it, so she came over and he signed a bunch of paperwork to
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