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  1. I am suddenly bitter on Synchrony as well... If it was just their accounts, it wouldn't be so offensive - but the lower CL across multiple accounts raises total utilization rate and has, for me, resulted in one other creditor dramatically slashing CL. And I have ZERO lates- period. And always pay way more than "minimum", but do carry some balances...
  2. I'm late to this post, but I just experienced this (and posted m own thread on it). Once Synchrony account (always paid significantly more than minimum payment) - got notice they reduced my credit limit (letter stated was due to high balances on revolving accounts/utilization). A day later, got same song and dance on another Synchrony account... another week goes by and get this from another account issuer - well, over course my utilization has gone through the roof - Synchrony chopped my credit limit way down on two accounts - sending utilization through the roof... so now with three card accounts with dramatically reduced credit limits - I get yet another Synchrony (CarCareOne) notice of reduced credit limit... A "cascade" - all on accounts that ALWAYS get a monthly payment significantly greater than the "minimum", and with no significant changes to my CI... well, except now with the reduced limits, my score has dropped several points. UGH!
  3. So- my credit file has not significantly changed in a long time (and I qualified for long-term zero% auto loan back in April). I do carry significant balances on my credit cards, but always pay (auto-pay) significantly more than minimum payments. but something triggered an odd cascade in the last few weeks. I got notice one of my Synchrony accounts had suddenly had the credit limit dramatically reduced. I contacted them and they said they periodically check credit report and make changes. The letter they sent indicated high balances to limit on cards. a day later ai get another letter from Synchrony- for a second account with them was having the limit reduced... we all know this impacts your credit score, as it messes up your utilization %. today, I got notice from a different bank- that, due to higher credit utilization rates, they dramatically reduced my limit in that card - Which of course now even further rips my credit score... And this afternoon, I get notice from Synchrony that my Automotive account (that has never had particularly high balance can limit) was having a limit reduction down to the current balance! What’s going on? I have NEVER been late, never payed just the minimum payments on any accounts... Is there some massive banking “surprise” on the horizon? I did recently put a credit freeze on all 3 bureaus due to someone filing for unemployment with my name/SS# and I filed a police report on that. I have paid credit monitoring service- and there is nothing new or odd on my CR... So what’s going on?
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