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  1. I am suddenly bitter on Synchrony as well... If it was just their accounts, it wouldn't be so offensive - but the lower CL across multiple accounts raises total utilization rate and has, for me, resulted in one other creditor dramatically slashing CL. And I have ZERO lates- period. And always pay way more than "minimum", but do carry some balances...
  2. I'm late to this post, but I just experienced this (and posted m own thread on it). Once Synchrony account (always paid significantly more than minimum payment) - got notice they reduced my credit limit (letter stated was due to high balances on revolving accounts/utilization). A day later, got same song and dance on another Synchrony account... another week goes by and get this from another account issuer - well, over course my utilization has gone through the roof - Synchrony chopped my credit limit way down on two accounts - sending utilization through the roof... so now with three card acc
  3. So- my credit file has not significantly changed in a long time (and I qualified for long-term zero% auto loan back in April). I do carry significant balances on my credit cards, but always pay (auto-pay) significantly more than minimum payments. but something triggered an odd cascade in the last few weeks. I got notice one of my Synchrony accounts had suddenly had the credit limit dramatically reduced. I contacted them and they said they periodically check credit report and make changes. The letter they sent indicated high balances to limit on cards.
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