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  1. Yeah, I was thinking I'd post closer to $100 this time around. I used the online mortgage rate tool by Wells Fargo and it seemed to give me a 0.125% rate difference if I chose 760+ as my score. I am not sure if this is something that can be trusted though. I remember the agent I spoke to might have said that invisible line may be at 740. Thanks for your help
  2. Yes, I checked the EX report to make sure there is a $9 balance. I was aware of those and chose to keep the balance on my BofA card. I was just surprised to see "Not using revolving credit" as one of the things hurting the credit score. Being so close to 760 I was just wondering bumping up usage would help get to the next bracket and help reduce the points I pay for a rate. Also, is it likely that the enquiry's impact drops off next month. From what I have read it impacts the score for 6 months.
  3. Hello, I'll be applying for a mortgage in the next couple of months and wanted to see if there is a way for me to bump my score up to the next score tier by changing my CC utilization. I have 6 CCs and use the AZEO method to get the most benefit. I usually keep a balance of about $10 on a CC which has a limit of $33,500. I subscribed to myFico for the month so I can get an idea of where I stand and noticed that my mid is 756. One of the reasons listed by EX (EX fico 2) under what's hurting your score is "Not using revolving credit". Is it because the card's limit is too high for the $9 utilization. Would I benefit from increasing the balance to $100-$200 so this is not a factor? Another point to note: I had a 30 day late payment 2.7 years back. Other factors: Oldest account: 8 years AAoA: 4 years 6 months Last enquiry: 5 months back. Other closed loans: 2 Your insights are appreciated.
  4. I second this. For your discover card you would want to report a $3 balance on your statement for best results with improving your FICo score. More details: https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/544017-the-master-2-reporting-trick-explained/
  5. Reduced APRs for my discover Chase Amazon cards for the next year
  6. Thank you! I think you're right, the terms do say newbies have some restrictions. I am assuming I just need to post regularly and my status will be upgraded.
  7. cigrage

    FICO Formula?

    @123890Do you have access to the spreadsheet? I wasn't able to download it, would you be able to share this if you do? Thanks!
  8. Just going to try my luck, I cannot download the spreadsheet linked in the post. Any way you still have it handy? Thanks!

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