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  1. Because it is a SELLERS MARKET (same with homes) --- overwhelming demand and not enough inventory of either makes prices insane.... I mean the average used car price (out the door) is over $20,000 now and $10,000 gets you a 20 year old Toyota Corolla with 200,000miles on it
  2. Got into an accident and my car (2012 Honda Civic EX 79K miles) will likely be totaled by my insurance company - I got sideswiped which badly dented and scraped the doors on the passenger side and ripped the front bumper off. I brought the car to several body shops which now even don't even discuss or give estimates if you have insurance - finally I just dropped it off to one near my house in the insurance companies network I have an $800 deductible and I figure insurance company will likely declare it a total loss and give me $5,000, I have another $5,000 which I can put into so I
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