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  1. Ok, so just to clarify, I should be writing this UNDER the endorsement signature line. “ for deposit only to the account of such and such” and sign my name next to that? . Sorry I have have little experience with money orders.
  2. should I be putting this exactly on the signature line? I put the exact text underneath it and signed next to my words, which was under there endorsement line. They need to be able to sign in the endorsement signature space, right?
  3. I am going to take it to the OC, I have a money order from Western Union, is that considered a cash money order?
  4. Thank you, I haven't found anything so far that is for specifically for BEFORE the statue of limitations. The debt is from earlier this year. Will any of these links cover that?
  5. I thought that it's best advice not to contact a DC, just to request everything in writing?
  6. I have a medical bill between $100-$110 that that has been picked up by a debt collector. Original creditor wouldn't reverse despite offer to pay in full, read online to send to pay for delete. I sent a certified pay for delete which they received. The offer was to pay in full. I asked for them to respond within 15 days which would be the end of this week. So far I have not received any response via mail, just two phone calls asking me to call them. According to credit karma (I used for the credit report/monitoring info, not for the scores), it has not been reported to credit bureaus as of yet. I have no late/collections of any kind on my credit report. I understand that they don't have to respond but is there anything that I can do more on my end? Do people ever offer to pay more than the full amount for them to agree? Any advice would be appreciated.

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