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  1. I have an item on my Chex Systems report from Key Bank- It was a $3K fraudulent charge on my credit card that they were notified of immediately, denied the charge, but then suddenly that branch closed completely. The person who notified me of the charge (and would be familiar with it and could confirm this) is no longer there or anywhere I could find. I didn't realize that they charged it off and closed my account because of it until a week later, and by that time the branch was completely closed up. I didn't follow up on it because I didn't notice it being reported anywhere until many months later... I think it was the result of a quick closure of the branch and someone was just getting stuff into the "done" pile as fast as possible. There's no debt or anything ever reported to any CRA, but this being on my Chex report is keeping me from opening any kind of online checking account, and other issues. I have an 800+ credit score, yet got denied for some credit application recently because "bank reported they closed your account". I'm sure because of the unique way this was closed out and that the people/branch are no longer there someone somewhere is going to run into a dead end, so I'm hoping to approach this in a way that the dead end benefits me if anything. Should I file a dispute with Key Bank to remove the info first, or would I be better off starting out with a dispute on Chex, since that's the only place it comes up? Thanks in advance.
  2. This is what I mean... isn't some stuff required to be deleted if they "can't keep up" and don't reply/verify after a certain number of days...? Isn't this something that could be taken advantage of?
  3. I just got back to working on my credit repair again, I let things slide about a year ago and I stopped following up but now I'm back at it full speed, with a designated desk, computer, and I made a corner of the living room just about working on things and following up. But I can't help but wonder if this is sort of a "golden time" to be working on fixing credit? Or maybe it's a bit harder because of the virus? Has anyone noticed a lack of responses to disputes which allows them to be more easily removed because of no reply within the given time limit? Or has there been other aspects which are more difficult? I would think there would definitely be an effect one way or another, has anyone noticed things different in some way over the course of the pandemic....?

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