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  1. Such a thing does not exist, unfortunately.
  2. Is sallie mae not doing tuition answer loans any more? I went to their site and they dont even have a 2009 option for the academic year end drop down.
  3. I remember last time I was really active on the board, people would log into their Amex accounts and see big red bars everywhere. Well I logged into my account this morning and see I have been CLD to within 90 dollars of my limit. I go to the account services section, called check your spending ability and it tells me that charges will not be approved, they need to verify information, and to call the number on the back of my card. There are no red bars on my across my screen or anything. Is this an FR or something else? I will call once I get to work.
  4. Maybe even as early as tomorrow. My Seamiles card reported the next day. During the Juny fiasco the "glitch" account reported in less than 12 hours!! (EX) Sheesh! That is quick. I think my iTunes reported in 2 days and I thought that was fast.
  5. Juni reports cards EXTREMELY FAST. That card will most likely be on your report before you get it in the mail and a chance to activate. Probably by Tues, Wednesday.
  6. You might be a CB'er if: You have a hooters card when there isn't a hooters restauraunt for 250 miles. You might be a diehard CB'er if: Your wife has one too. :lol: And your 3 year old is an AU.
  7. There's a 'request a new report/update report' link to the right once you log in. It's in the same area as the 'printer friendly' link. Once I update, I used to have to log out and log back in to see the updated report. I believe it's updating automatically now. Thanks. I must need to log in using a different browser.
  8. I dont believe they do. I have had several COs with them, and now have several accounts.
  9. I just got PM. How in the world do you refresh your reports? That site is awful.
  10. That is pretty funny. How often do you think this has happened?
  11. whats your scores like Leena? My EQ is probably around 650. It was for the last SW alert I got a few months ago before it expired. I am no longer keeping track of numbers it made me too nervous.

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