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  1. I live in Florida, but thanks for this suggestion. I'll try to see if there is something similar here.
  2. There is another question I should ask as I get started on this. The collection agency put the account on my credit reports on September 10, 2020, but I first received a letter from them on October 6, 2020. The letter warns me that I need to contact them within 30 days to dispute the debt or they will assume it is valid. It will probably take at least 30 days, if not longer, for me to get a reply back from the credit bureaus to the Initial HIPAA Dispute Letter. The HIPAA Program Guide instructs me to wait for these credit bureau results to determine whether or not I s
  3. Thank your for this information. I request that the board owner move my thread to the medical account forum. Thank you!
  4. I have to tell you, it's been like pulling teeth to get answers from these people. I emailed them about this on 9/11/20 and after much flat-out ignoring me and me hounding them, I just now got the response about them having the wrong policy number. To clarify, after being told by email on 10/19/2019 that the bill had been submitted with wrong billing codes and that it would be resubmitted, I have heard nothing at all. Not until the $925 bill just suddenly showed up on my credit reports. I will send another email with this question if that is advised. The first hint was when it show
  5. I would appreciate any help you folks can give me. I had some lab work done and when the lab filed it with BCBS it got kicked back and I received a bill for it. I emailed the lab to dispute the charges, and was told it had been filed with the wrong billing codes and that it would be refiled. I never heard another thing about it. Almost 2 years later, the bill showed up on my credit reports as a collection. After about a month of sending emails back and forth, I was told by the lab that the bill was submitted to the insurance company under the wrong BCBS policy number, so insuran
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