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  1. My TU vantage 3.0 shot up 146 points in one day from 602 to 748...then to 752 where it is sitting now. Just got my CH13 discharge on 1/5/21. I really don’t know what changed to drive the increase.
  2. Thank you, IndyPoolPlayer. That gives me some hope. I’ve already been approved for Cap 1 Platinum ($3000 CL) and OLLO Rewards MC ($1800 CL) which I didn’t expect. I received my discharge on 1/5. Fortunately, the last 3.5 years of CH 13 (I got my discharge 1.5 years early) has taught me valuable lessons in budgeting.
  3. I know that many issuers have a black list and long memories, but are any of them more forgiving if you paid 100 percent of what was owed as part of your Chapter 13? I IIB Amex, Chase and Citi but paid all back 100 percent.
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