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  1. Good advice. The Merrick card is no AF and a CL of $2000. The Ollo MC is an invite-only card. It was my second following my Cap1. The Jasper MC is also no AF, and a CL of $5000. The Mercury MC is also no AF, with a CL of $3050. I got that one about 5 months after DC via a mail invite. I really have no complaints with any of them.
  2. Thanks! Got my approval today. Thanks! I’m going to immediately bump my deposit from 1K to 5K, and wait 12 months to request graduation . I am happy to have my foot back in the door at USBank. I’m 1 year 4 months past my Chapter 13 DC, and have unsecured BofA and TDBank cards, and now USBank Secured. I really never thought I would have come this far. I do appreciate Cap One for giving me a Platinum (now a QS) with a $3000 CL just a few days after my DC, soon to be followed by a few rebuilders with no AF (Merrick, Mercury, Ollo). I almost feel bad about moving on from the rebuilders as they did take a chance on me.
  3. Thank you so much. Your advice makes sense. I really was expecting an instant denial and no pull. I only called this morning to find out the reason. I did see it as a positive that they were interested in the 4506-C. it really took no time at all to do. My income more than doubled from when I filed Chap 13. I’m thinking that their records flagged that. thank you again.
  4. I’m 5 years from filing date. I remember from the very early 00s Citi was like the Holy Grail of card providers. They really have been surpassed. You are right.
  5. Sadly, no. Not eligible for NFCU until my dad’s service records are sent to me by the VA. I hear it could take years. I submitted a request late in 2021. I already have a BofA CCR. I IIB FNBO.
  6. I filed Chapter 13 in April 2017 and got my discharge in early January 2021. I included two Amex in my BK. I read a lot about the Amex blacklist but tested the waters a few times by accessing the pre-qualification page. I always…unsurprisingly…came up with instant NOTHING. I was bored this past weekend and accessed the pre-qual page again. It came back saying I was pre-qualified for the Amex Gold card. Knowing that if I’m blacklisted, they wouldn’t even pull a CR, I applied. They pulled TU and came back with a denial. I called today for a reason, and was told that it wasn’t a denial. My app was “cancelled” because they needed a 4506-C from me, which they were going to request in a letter to be coming my way. I figured I had gone this far, so I submitted the 4506-C right away. I had time to kill and it really took no time at all. I know if I were blacklisted, they wouldn’t have pulled my CR, and they certainly wouldn’t have asked for the 4506-C. Even if denied, at least I know now that whatever they deny me for is something that will correct itself quicker than the blacklist would have lasted. I wonder what the chances are of being approved after they request a 4506-C.
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    Los Angeles
  8. I had a couple inquiries to burn and decided to waste one on Citi. Looks like I’m blacklisfed. Instant denial. I don’t know who they pulled yet. Oh well. That’s life. Update: They pulled EX. I’m in California.
  9. Does anybody know if Citi blacklists, or if it would approve an app for a Citi Secured MC 1.5 years after a Chap 13 DC where Citi was IIB. My 100 percent Chap 13 discharged on 1/5/21. Would Citi automatically decline me for the secured card since they were IIB? I am willing to give it a shot but if it’s a definite no-go, I’d rather not waste the inq. I know there are some profound opinions about Citi but just considering all my options. Any advice would be most appreciated as always.
  10. Thanks, sidewinder. I appreciate if. I will say that I like the process better than TD which makes you visit a branch. Thanks, Fred030! I made the mistake of applying for the standard secured Visa. I’m going to see if they are willing to PC to the Cash+. I already have airline pass benefits so the cash back works better for me. I am hoping they are willing to PC. On another note, I read that they allow you to add to your deposit after 6 months but they require a HP. I only put in $1000 but would like to add to it bringing me up to $5000. I can wait the 6 months.
  11. Thanks for the reply! I did call them yesterday and the rep on the app status line said it was still pending. I’m definitely OK with waiting but thought it strange that they already transferred the money. If that’s the way they do things, I will say it is more convenient than when I opened a secured card with TD which required me to fund the account in person at a branch. I just found the USBank process strange in that they took the money before saying yea or nay.
  12. I applied for the USBank Secured Visa on Sunday, 5/15. It’s now 5/19. During the app process, it asked for my funding account information, which I provided, along with the amount. The USBank app status line says that my application is still being reviewed. However, the funds have already been transferred from my funding bank to USBank. Does this mean I’ve been approved? I would have thought the approval would come before the transfer of funds.
  13. Thank you, everyone. Your advice and comments in this forum have been invaluable as I rebuild. I’ll let my cards age now, but am building relationships with another bank and a few credit unions in the hope that one day I can avail myself of their own credit products. I guess a disclaimer is in order as, despite the financial bind I ended up in pre-Chapter 13, I always managed my checking account and didn’t end up in Chexsystems. I’ve opened checking and savings at Bank of the West, and checking and savings at Kinecta CU; Alliant CU and Los Angeles Federal CU. I’ve placed modest amounts in each. The point of my post is not to boast as I, clearly, have a lot of rebuilding to do. The point of my post, however, is to show that rebuilding is possible with just a little planning, and maybe just a little luck. I believe that my initial Capital One approval just days after my discharge opened the door for more offers, and my good relationship with BofA helped getting my foot in the door with their secured card. For anybody considering Chapter 13, it really was the best decision I ever made. No longer do I dread the phone or emails. The 3.5 years I spent in BK taught me financial discipline, and the memory of my life prior to filing serves as a reminder for the future. Admittedly, I had an outstanding attorney, and I was fortunate in enjoying a positive change to my income that enabled me to get an early discharge. I felt like a loser when I showed up on my attorney’s doorstep but he quickly allayed my fears and feelings of failure. Once filed and confirmed, it was like a giant weight was lifted off my shoulders. The path was laid out for me, and as long as I fulfilled my part of the bargain, I was on my way back to enjoying my life once again. My only regret was not having done it sooner. Life did not end with bankruptcy. It began. My Chapter 13 was discharged exactly 6 months ago on 1/5/21. I just refreshed my (real) FICO scores today: EX 684 EQ 690 TU 659
  14. 5 months post-discharge, and they sent me an invite. I passed. Plus the card is butt-ugly.
  15. Thanks, guys. I will now let these cards age. I have more than enough credit to suit my needs now, and far more than I ever expected to get so shortly after my discharge. My total reliance on my debit card during the Chapter 13 taught me well that if I don’t have the cash for something, I probably don’t need it. I do put my BofA Visa to good use every month, and PIF. The other cards see casual use just to show activity. The credit union serving my employer cancelled my membership when I filed. After some recent snafus on their part after discharge when it came to reporting and other issues, they have now corrected those issues and have invited me back. I’m still wavering on whether to go back to them. I also applied to two local credit unions, and am planning on building a relationship with them. I was a long-time Wells Fargo customer, and even though I included my WF card in the Chapter 13, they didn’t cancel my checking or savings. In case they did, I opened checking and savings at BofA prior to the filing. BofA was so good to me during this time, as well as after discharge, they are now my go-to bank. I included Penfed and USAA in my Chapter 13, and neither canceled my membership. I know it would be a long time...if ever...before they would approve me for credit, but I’ll keep those open to keep a possible relationship going. Neither my Jasper, Mercury nor Merrick have annual fees. The only card with an annual fee ($29) is my TD Cash Visa, and I am hoping that it graduates quickly to an unsecured, annual fee-free card.
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