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  1. 5 months post-discharge, and they sent me an invite. I passed. Plus the card is butt-ugly.
  2. Thanks, guys. I will now let these cards age. I have more than enough credit to suit my needs now, and far more than I ever expected to get so shortly after my discharge. My total reliance on my debit card during the Chapter 13 taught me well that if I don’t have the cash for something, I probably don’t need it. I do put my BofA Visa to good use every month, and PIF. The other cards see casual use just to show activity. The credit union serving my employer cancelled my membership when I filed. After some recent snafus on their part after discharge when it came to reporting and other
  3. I’m sure I have more than $17 in loose change buried in my sofa cushions. It’s chump change, and not worth the aggravation. Pay it.
  4. My Chapter 13 was discharged in January 2021. 100 percent plan which I completed 1.5 years early. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to rebuild my credit, and was kind of OK with just sticking to my debit cards. In fact, I had resigned myself to a future using debit cards only. I decided to give Cap One a try anyway a few days after my discharge. I had a Cap One IIB but, again, I had a 100 percent plan. I still wasn’t expecting an approval. I was instantly approved for a Cap One Platinum with a $3,000 limit. The same week, I received a pre-approved invitation for the Ollo M
  5. I’m glad his story had a happy ending, but why change banks at the end? BofA did him a service. Had it been me, they would have earned a customer for life,
  6. My TU vantage 3.0 shot up 146 points in one day from 602 to 748...then to 752 where it is sitting now. Just got my CH13 discharge on 1/5/21. I really don’t know what changed to drive the increase.
  7. Thank you, IndyPoolPlayer. That gives me some hope. I’ve already been approved for Cap 1 Platinum ($3000 CL) and OLLO Rewards MC ($1800 CL) which I didn’t expect. I received my discharge on 1/5. Fortunately, the last 3.5 years of CH 13 (I got my discharge 1.5 years early) has taught me valuable lessons in budgeting.
  8. I know that many issuers have a black list and long memories, but are any of them more forgiving if you paid 100 percent of what was owed as part of your Chapter 13? I IIB Amex, Chase and Citi but paid all back 100 percent.
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