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  1. Oh, and one last question!! Sorry, I don't mean to double post: Even though I know the debts are valid and I let's say plan on dealing with the CA as opposed to the OC, should I just deal with the most recent collection letter, or should I do the whole "verify the debt" thing for each and every negative mark that pops up on my account that I intend to pay off?
  2. First off, thank you for your reply! You were a help the last time I posted here, thank you. As far as the 5 year SOL, that's what I've read for my state on a few different sites, but even then it seems like the default is 7 years, so for my most major ones I'm most concerned about being sued over (my chase that's $5k+), that will either be October 2023, or October 2025 if it's 7 years, and frankly I'm trying to make some moves around then so I'd rather just rip the bandaid off sooner than later as opposed to waiting for the SoL to run out. Oh, and to clarify, ALL of my negative ma
  3. I had another topic on the this subject a while back but I felt it was getting too far off the mark, so I wanted to start fresh. I'll keep it super simple though, because my current goal is to repair my credit: TL;DR - What do I do with my charge offs/things that have been sent to collection and are well within the SOL? Pay them off ASAP? Pay in Full or go for the discounted settlements? What will let me start building up my score the quickest and allow me to distance myself from my troubled history? I have 2 chase accounts, one is $5k+ and one is $600+, both have been cha
  4. Thank you, this is good to know. I'll throw a few streaming subs on there then. And haha, thank you. Reiterate that interest as often as you can, because I got that "advice" of gathering interest for years. I never listened to it though. The sad thing is I know exactly what to do to build good credit because I had great credit, the issue was I sacrificed it. The issue is I don't know how to build it up quickly now that I have charge offs and all of that.
  5. Interesting. I have a discover card that I still use; Do you mean credit utilization in general as in any card, or do you mean this moreso as just being against the idea of sockdrawing a card to begin with?
  6. Heya, it's been a few months since I last posted here. I made progress with the Amex card; I paid it off in full and they sent me an application for their Optima card, which I got and am keeping for now with no real plans to use it. I got my paper reports and they basically mimicked what the online reports said, though they're all missing a ton of debts I know I do still owe. Just to keep it easy, let's assume I'm still within the timeframe where I can be sued, and I want to do things that will give me the best chance of improving my score: What should my ne
  7. I have another topic I made on here detailing my journey so far, but I felt this warranted it's own topic. I'll start with the TL;DR - I got invited to the Optima program, so I paid off my balance in full, still have yet to receive a letter or optima credit application (I do have an e-mail and reference number at least), and just now my Chase Journey and Experien accounts told me I got a large derogatory mark, specifically that my AMEX was charged off. The long version: Back in 2019 I was on a payment plan with AMEX and I tried to switch bank accounts (my main one
  8. I'm still within the SOL to be sued by Chase, but they haven't taken any action and I technically owe them over 6k in total. If I get sued, I get sued, and I'll deal with it then, but currently I'm not too worried about it, mainly because I don't even have the money to pay them if I wanted to. Why worry myself over something I can't do anything about at the moment anyways, you know? Again, I don't mean this flippantly, just as a realist. Basically if I start work again and/or I get a nice windfall, I should pay in full, as opposed to a partial settlement. That makes a lot of sense.
  9. Thank you! I researched it a bit more, and it sounds like you're correct, but no one can explain why it's ok for the online report to be different from the mail in one. You'd figure that's illegal, but it sounds like it just is what it is, hahah. It sounds like I need to call them directly and pay for the reports individually to get them via snail mail, so I'll set aside some time to do that soon. I need to do my wife's too. This was around last year, and yeah I was surprised. I wanted to give them money, I had a bank account my wife and I setup together that we both cont
  10. You are being ridiculous rude without knowing the full situation. I'm responding to your posts for the sake of clarifying things, but if you're going to be condescending, I'd rather you just not post in the topic anymore. If I wanted to deal with condescending unhelpful people, I'd answer some of these collection calls. First off, the issue was not petty. I tried to change it on the website, but when I removed my bank account, it would not let me change it to the new one, or even back to the old one. When I called them up, they told me that they can't do anything now that I deleted
  11. I don't remember how old they were, but they definitely weren't old enough to be dropped off my credit report like that. My credit troubles started in 2016 I'm looking at the online reports. There's a difference between those and the paper copies? I did my reports through the annual credit report website. As far as Amex goes, I should have mentioned (I'll update my post to reflect this), I WAS on a payment program with them, however I changed banks, and they wouldn't let me switch over the account where the money gets pulled from for some reason, so I basicall
  12. Heya, found this forum through a Reddit recommendation and have been thumbing through it for the past few days, and wanted to thank you all for the information you all post! I'm still kind of new to this, so I'm trying to best figure out how to handle my situation and could use some advice. The wife and I are thinking of home ownership in the next year or two so i'm trying to fix my side of the credit now. I THOUGHT I had several things in collections (frankly I should), but according to my credit reports from the big 3, I don't. Hell, I had 7 negative accounts back in january, but
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