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  1. I wonder, is that 35k from the pre-qual from auto navigator? or is it different?
  2. Yea, i haven’t really gotten in contact with Tesla rep because i wanted to see if i can get financing outside and not have to go through Tesla but will use them as last resort. Thank you again!
  3. 1) quite some time, probably since 2014-2015 area? 2) yes based on my monthly obligation on my credit file.
  4. No, i got these scores based on the denial/counter offer letters i got from he banks that i applied in recently
  5. i was young and stupid, nobody taught me credit up until like late 2019 really and by then i already dinged up my credit. i went from 550 ish to where i'm at now. experian is my lowest at 625, still have a few dings on them that i'm working on but equifax and transunion are my best ones. thank you im glad to be here!
  6. Hello, going to try to make this as short as possible. I am currently in the market for a new car, i have my eyes set on a new Tesla model 3 performance. My credit is so and so, my best credit is equifax at 710 and transunion at 683. And recently i researched what credit bureau banks pull and i specifically applied on banks that pull equifax and transition, just to give you an idea, the car i want is worth around 55k, i am putting down 10k and paying the taxes and fees at 6k upfront, which means i am only financing 45k from the bank. i remember applying for Alliant, which denied me solely because of lack of an established credit, some other bank gave me a counter offer of 25k. I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on order to get approved for the loan that I’m asking for? I’m located in Southern California. thank you!

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