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  1. i actually responded but for some reason i don't think it went through. lmao but yes i did get a deal that same day now i am having a different issue, i recently posted a new thread LMAOOOO check it out if you have time i could use all the help i can
  2. Hello! So about a month ago i was able to get a car loan through cap one from a dealership. Fast forward to today i got a call from the dealership saying that cap on returned the deal saying that cap one wouldn’t fund it and that cap one was giving them a hard time. The reason why the deal was returned was because i stated that i had a trade in and was part of the deal but dealership said it wasn’t part of the deal and was a separate transaction. I was given 2 options by cap one. Which was 1) return the vehicle to the dealer and find a different car 2) re-do the contract
  3. thanks, will update sometime today
  4. oops my bad if it confused you. yea I've visited a few of their dealers in their network and have negotiated. I will be looking to finalize today. which means a hard pull. i just hope nothing changes based on the exact APR i was given initially. 99% of the reviews I've read on reddit and myfico forums seems to suggest that I am right. but i just would have to hate to spend this much planning, time and effort just for things to change or worst case not even get approved. I guess we'll see today.
  5. yea exactly what i thought. I just hope nothing changes based on the offer sheet. I am 100% accurate on the information i put down as far as down and trade in. guess i'll find out soon enough.
  6. But based on cap one auto navigator, they are stating that they would still have to do a hard pull in the dealership once all details were hashed out. cap one wording is "pre qualification with an approval of 50k". I know pre qual is different than pre approval that's why im a little confused.
  7. thanks marv, based on your experience or knowledge. how often does that cap one auto navigator approval change once the dealer run a hard pull? what i mean by change is change to apr and approval? and also i have experian credit locked. should i unlock it when we do a hard pull this weekend? assuming i get the negotiated price i told the dealer. i also have made it clear to the dealer that i do not want them to shop my loan around and just stick with cap one. i am rebuilding and the rate that i am getting for the car that i was looking at was 60 @4.16%. now again, i kno
  8. I completely understand, currently i am rebuilding. my credit is not the best and I've tried to get pre-approvals from some CU's but they either deny me or give me an amount less than what i'm asking for. but as far as negotiating yes, i am doing that and the entire goal is to get a great OTD price with the car that i want. my current rates that i am getting based on the car that i was looking at was 60 @ 4.16%. now i understand it's not as low as what you had listed but considering what my credit i think this probably the best i could find.
  9. does anyone have any experience with Cap one? Can you share? - How accurate are the apr/payment? (assuming everything the user input is accurate) - How accurate is the approval? - When printing the offer sheet, at the top there is a "Reference #" what is that for? thanks!
  10. I wonder, is that 35k from the pre-qual from auto navigator? or is it different?
  11. Yea, i haven’t really gotten in contact with Tesla rep because i wanted to see if i can get financing outside and not have to go through Tesla but will use them as last resort. Thank you again!
  12. 1) quite some time, probably since 2014-2015 area? 2) yes based on my monthly obligation on my credit file.
  13. No, i got these scores based on the denial/counter offer letters i got from he banks that i applied in recently
  14. i was young and stupid, nobody taught me credit up until like late 2019 really and by then i already dinged up my credit. i went from 550 ish to where i'm at now. experian is my lowest at 625, still have a few dings on them that i'm working on but equifax and transunion are my best ones. thank you im glad to be here!
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