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  1. Hi Everyone! I am literally the newest member of this board as of the time fo this writing! Thanks for having me! I need some advice on getting a creditor off of my credit report. The creditor is “Toyota Financial Services.” For a few years I was paying off a loan with them. It’s a long story that is mostly my fault but at one point my car was repossessed. I paid it in full and picked up the car the net day but it happened. During the course of that loan I had a number of 30 day late marks too. It would be great to get rid of the entire thing or at least the repossession.I paid off the loan in 2017 and the repossession was in 2016. I found the letter below for the repossession. I am in Pennsylvania and it was written for Texas. I began to switch it to Pennsylvania but had some trouble finding the most up-to-date repossession laws for PA. Does this letter work? Should I send it to Toyota Financial Services or to the CRA’s? I began to replace the TC for PA stuff but does anyone know the PA laws? Thanks!

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