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  1. Huh? The poster above me said to wait a specific time to do anything about CFPB. I asked why - as in, is it easier during that time? Or, is it more advantageous to use the CFPB? "why is that" is a question, not an insinuation. And people on CrackBoards have the the right to slam MyFico about what they posts? But you know, fuck this, I've had enough of you armchair jurists with piss poor attitudes and about 0 common fucking sense. I see posts about how MyFico forums are so bad, yet half of you wanna-be attorney fucktards tr
  2. Citing the same as Lesher v. Law Offices of Mitchell N. Kay, PC, Third Circuit: Brown v. Card Service Center, 464 F.3d 450 If we're arguing whether the OP is the "least sophisticated consumer" in regard to collection letters: Rosenau v. Unifund Corp., 539 F.3d 218
  3. With a credit score of 0, you are: 18 years old and somehow avoided your parents using your SSN to turn on electricity or other utilities. Kudos to you. A person who has paid cash all of their life for literally everything, and now you want to work on your credit profile. Nothing wrong with that. A person who never paid a credit card, loan or car note in their life despite having thousands in credit extended to you. If this is you, I cannot help you. So as to not waste your time, let's go with either Option A or B since they are similar. Nobody o
  4. I cannot fathom why you'd want to purchase something you could obtain yourself through an application or authorized user status. Do you have credit report issues preventing you from obtaining credit from prime lenders?
  5. CNET needs to stick to tech and quit trying to ramp up site traffic by writing rehashed clickbait garbage.
  6. Still confused as to what Bank of America did wrong, or how it's reported wrong. Bank of America MAY, at its discretion, ask Chexsystems to remove an account as an act of goodwill. It is a rarity for big banks to honor goodwill letters unless its a 30-day late here and there. Apart from that, Bank of America is obligated to report accurately. You paid it off. They reported it as paid off.
  7. I wish it had it that easy. I remember in October trying to get special handling stateside. Two reps told me that "special handling doesn't exist". One went as far as saying THEY were special handling as they sipped their tea and petted their goat from their one bedroom flat in Bengaluru. I will wait to see what happens; will pay the arb fee today and let it run its course.
  8. Calling their overseas customer support never helped. Whining to the CFPB never helped me, neither. Believe me, I tried EVERYTHING to reach out. I am not particularly excited about filing an arbitration case against them, but with the evidence I have retained, I am willing to take this all the way to the appeals process if needed. All I really want is my file to be right, to NOT have disputes opened up for accounts that never reported in the first place, and my personal information to be corrected to reflect who I am and where I live. An overkill
  9. What does the account say? "Paid, was a chargeoff", etc? That may shy other banks away from opening an account. Excessive inquiries could also be an issue. Get paper copies of your EWS and Chex, and see how that account looks on paper.
  10. I filed an arbitration case and told them they needed to pay my filing fee because I'm indigent. I was NOT alleging FCRA (which Equifax does not arb cases alleging FCRA), but mishandling my information and a general disregard for the very dispute process they promote. In my arb case, I also allege lack of access to website (although site access is not guaranteed, I included the fact that 98% of the time I cannot access the non-monetary award I was entitled to due to the Breach) and dispute results being sent to my address (for disputes I never initiated on accounts that were never listed on my
  11. Whether you paid it or not, at some point they reported something like this happened, meaning it was a reason you were reported to Chex. You stated yourself they are reporting a debt is paid off. Unclear as to which judiciary rule you would leverage to refute this. Finally, as stated above, BofA is reporting things correctly, and the best you can do is add a consumer statement if allowed.
  12. You paid the checking account in full. Kudos for that. Bank of America is under no obligation to report anything other than the actual status of the account, which is "paid, was a chargeoff" or something like that, assuming the account was indeed charged off prior to you paying it off. Chexsystems is under no obligation to remove items before the 5-year mark regardless if paid in full; their responsibility stops at the accurate reporting of information. That said, maybe write Bank of America and explain your situation (4 months ago was dead in the middle of
  13. DW and I have taken C, D & Zinc daily since March. She's in healthcare (admin side) and deals with a constant flow of field staff (LPNs, RNs, CNAs) who run the risk of catching the 'rona. One of her trainees had recently tested positive for 'rona. She waited 8 days from that positive test, and took the test herself. Negative. We swear by this mixture of vitamins.
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