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  1. Exeter Finance is showing an unpaid and past due auto loan account on my Equifax report seriously affecting my credit score. I paid off this loan in August of 2018. I tried using the online dispute system on Equifax online to no avail. I have also contacted Exeter and they have sent me a paid in full letter, I also have the title to the car which they would not have released to me having a balance due. I sent Equifax hard copies of the paid in full letter and the title to the car . Equifax continues to report the account is open and past because the original creditor ( Exeter Finance) is reporting the account being open and past due. I have continously contacted both Exeter and Equifax. Exeter is simply being dishonest and Equifax will not update my account as long as Exeter is reporting it as open despite presenting documents showing the account is closed. Looking for any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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