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  1. Hey, hope anyone with experience or some knowledge can enlighten me. So sadly my mom is being kicked out of the place she's been living for the past decade. Thing is she is now thinking of getting a FHA loan but doesn't seem to get any response with the 2 banks she contacted. She made $27k last year and makes like $2.4k a month now so how much of a house can she afford in nyc? What can she do? She has some money for a down payment ($10k-$12k) and could *probably* try to get more. She wants to rent some of the house she might buy, she currently knows someone that would be willing to pay $700 a month to rent a room for sure and might be able to get another person that could pay the same. Please, if anyone can help in any way sharing maybe what could be done or what path to follow. She lives in nyc so most houses are expensive but she would hate going out the city because she cant drive. Thanks in advanced

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