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  1. Hi. Need help with a mortgage situation! I got to hear from a friend about this forum! I'm looking to buy my first home, but it seems like a long road ahead with the increase in real estate prices. My credit score falls in the range of 650-700, along with excellent payment history. I live in a two-bedroom rented apartment with my family. With the apartment's monthly rental price and other expenses, I can offer only a down payment of about 10%. I had discussed with a mortgage lender who has assured that I could get a mortgage, provided I have mortgage insurance. Mortgage insurance doesn't seem so bad, but I am in uncharted waters here. With the real estate prices still estimated to increase, I guess it is better to buy one early. Will the interest be higher if I take mortgage insurance? I did check an online source* for the interests that I would have to pay. However, I would welcome help from those who have a similar situation. Could you guys share your personal experiences with mortgage insurances so that I can learn from it? Any help is appreciated! Thanks! *Moderator note: removed external link

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