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  1. How do I post a picture from Amex pre approval because I have a question concerning the pic
  2. I’m trying to attach a picture from Amex but I’m having a difficult time
  3. Should I stop here for a second like 30-60 days before I apply for something else. These are the accounts that are reporting on my credit. MyJewelers club $5k 1 year old never late NB New Coast Direct $5k 1 year old NL NB Self Lender $500 1 year old -closed NL NB Discover Secured $1k 2 years old NL NB Wells Secured $1k 2 years old NL NB Wells AU $25k 3 years old Rent reporters $1k 10 years old NL NB JPMCB AU $25k 14 years old Cap1 AU $6k 17 years old So what should I do. It’s like I worked so hard to get here but can’t get the rewards out of being in good standing with a decent score
  4. Thanks you guys this is really informative. I’m glad I signed up. I took a leap of faith and tried for Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless. Got denied because they claimed in the denial letter that my oldest account wasn’t old enough. They also had my score of 792 from TransUnion on the letter. But what makes me mad is it looks like they pulled my credit twice through TransUnion and once through Experian. So I called today for reconsideration, and they lady was nice and looked through the application. She asked why was there a big gap from when I was able to establish credit to when I got credit of an authorized user. Basically saying “why when you became old enough age wise to establish credit you didn’t but you got authorized users? I answered her by saying “when you first start to try to establish credit it’s hard so you get authorized users so that you can have some type of chance of getting approved. Plus I added I have over 10k in chase accounts, with a 792 score and I’m an authorized user on a 25k Chase card that’s over 14 years old. So now I’m waiting to see what happens with this reconsideration.
  5. Thank you for your advice. It gave me a real understanding of my score.
  6. Is Experian a good site to get scores. Even though all of my accounts are not showing up on Experian
  7. I have over 8-9 accounts all in exceptional rating. No lates, no derogatory on all bureaus. 3 are AU’s and 6 are primary. 803 TU and 783 EQ. Looking to get a high balance credit card. My utilization is 0%!!!!Please advise me in right direction

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