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  1. The dates of medical service were January and March of 2016, and there is no current date on the bills. Here they are with the obvious omissions.
  2. Ok. I sent medical DV to CA and follow up letters to CRA’s. Equifax and Experian came back verified. Still waiting on TU. I also received a letter from CA with two bills. The bills show the OC name ,but with two different addresses. One is a local address and another is a PO Box in Florida. So, I’m still confused because this OC is no longer in business but the CA has two addresses for them. Could you advise me on the next step?
  3. Please forgive me. That statement didn’t come from your guide, but while reading other comments to gain some knowledge of this process I had read a comment from you that said if the CA contacted you from the original dispute it would mean they are a current business associate. I assumed since I had received a letter from the CA I had the option to pay the OC. That’s why I haven’t followed up with the medical DV to the CA. The accounts are verified by the CRA’s and I have received a response from the CA, but there is no address of the OC and the account numbers and amount owed aren’t exactly matching my credit reports.
  4. Ok. First, I just want to thank you for your program and all the information you provide. So I have been following the guide but I have ran into an issue. I’ll give you a quick rundown of my collections and then I’ll get into the issue. Back on 2016 I had 2 emergency room visits without insurance. In 2017 I paid all sorts of doctors,hospital bills and collection accounts. At the end of the year I thought I was settled with everyone and unfortunately threw away all the records. Recently I was denied credit and found the following collections. Stern recovery services was reporting 2 collection accounts to TU and EX, and SCA collections was reporting 2 accounts to all three bureaus. So I sent off the initial dispute letters to the CRA’s and all of Stern recovery services were removed and only one of SCA from TU. Shorty after I did receive a letter from SCA stating they received a credit inquiry from one of the bureaus. It’s basically a bill where they ask for payment to mark as paid on my credit report...lol. But here’s the problem. My credit reports list acct A for $298 and account B for $662, but there letter says account B for $960 which is the total of the two. On top of that there is no address for for the provider. Their letter says it’s for Cabarrus emergency medicine associates without an address. So, I did a little research and apparently the hospital has changed names and this provider(which I believe is a doctor) is no longer in business. I found an address and phone number for what they have listed , but google says they are permanently closed and when I call the number it says no longer in service. Obviously from your program I have learned that they have a current relationship with the OC, but I have no idea where to send payment and for which accounts as they are not correctly matching whats on my reports 100%. I guess my question is do I send the dispute letter to the CA to try and clear this up? And if so do I use the term ‘recent communication’? The reason I ask that is because I honestly don’t know if I ever spoke to them when I was paying everybody in 2017 because I don’t have any records except for their recent letter after the initial dispute. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello. I am beginning the process to remove med collections and had one question about the address removal letters. Do they need to be handwritten in blue or typed? Thanks

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