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  1. Ok thank you Why Chat. I did opt out and obtained real credit reports so I will send the debt validation letter to MediCredit and the follow up letter to EQ. I did get another credit report from Equifax via the 'backdoor' method today and just states Consumer disputes this account information. I will update with the next development.
  2. Hi MarvBear, I did a written snail mail dispute.
  3. Hi Everyone, This is my very first post. Thank you WhyChat for all of this information for medical collections. I wish I had seen it a month ago! So here is my story, briefly... I have a single medical collection from 2/2016 for $100 by MediCredit. I believe(yes, I haven't stayed on top of things as I should) that I first noted it last fall and disputed it with all 3 CRA's at that time. Fast forward to last month when I pulled my reports again, it was not listed on TU but was reporting on EX and EQ. Not knowing any better, I called the OC to determine if this was a valid debt or not. They determined that it was and I paid it right then during that conversation. That was the last week of August. She stated that they would report to the CA that it was paid within the month. I THEN did some research and found WhyChat's method for dispute. So I started with the debt validation letter by mail to EQ and EX with confirmation of receipt. The following week EX sent an email that they started an investigation and with in about 2 hours it was completed and removed!(Woohoo!!). Now that leaves me with EQ. They sent me an email last week (9/9) stating that an investigation has been started and asking me to opt in online for results(I did not do so). So I've been patiently waiting, however today I received an alert from myFICO which stated that a collection account has been updated. Upon log on I see that EQ is now updating the collection as PAID. It states that the status date as 8/012020 -> 9/1/2020. So the description now reads: Consumer disputes- reinvestigation in progress. Consumer disputes this account information-> Consumer disputes this account information. Medical. I take it that this concludes their investigation? I assume that I should now send the medical DV letter to the CA's? I just don't want to accidentally jump the gun here. Or do I need to wait for Equifax to formally send an email/letter that the investigation has concluded?

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