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  1. I have a DirectTv account that was not closed correctly after being frozen for awhile (emergency move out of the house I had service at due to mold, rented a room, took a job traveling). I finally told them I wanted to just pay off the remainder of the contract vs keeping it frozen forever, but she refused to take payment, as they wanted their equipment back. I mailed it and never heard another word, never a bill, never a call or email, it was strange. I finally got a call from a random collection agency, but never received a letter. Then another collection agency called and sent a letter. Sequiem or something like that. I explained what I should owe vs what they show, explained that a DirectTv rep flat out admitted my account was not closed correctly etc, the best they could do was write the balance down from the mid 461, to 230, I once again explained that my final contract buy out was in the 120's + tax range and they are not getting extra money. They said they would dispute the charges with directv for me. Months go by, nothing, I call them again, then I call direct tv, this goes back and fourth for a good 5-6 months. DirectTv finally just told me to dispute it with the credit bureaus, I did and it was successfully removed a few months ago, my score went right back up to 815, as it was in the high 600's after the collection. I then get a letter from ERS saying they want $461 but will settle for $369. They call not long after I get the letter demaning $461, I told them I am at work, stop bothering me and I will reach out. They call again, we get nowhere, and now they called again yesterday and I flat out explained that I do not owe $461, I never owed $461, I already this this removed after DirectTv themselves TOLD ME TO DISPUTE IT MYSELF, and she tried to con me into paying a small amount and disputing what's left, and would not even consider deleting it from the credit report, only a "settled debt", which is a sucker's move. I am not sure what to do. I have spent at LEAST 20 hours on the phone to DirectTv and a similar amount with Sequiem (whatever their name is) across this year trying to GIVE THEM MONEY to close it out. They wont budge, and this ERC place is even worse. I had it removed once, what should I do now? I refuse to pay over what I owe.

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