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  1. I live in Nebraska. The OC and procedure was done in the state of Iowa. CA is in IA as well. Nebraska is not a community property state. But they do recognize doctrine of necessaries and my research shows that I am liable for his medical debt. I cannot find anything on if they can muddy my credit report or not.
  2. I was going through my credit report and saw a collection agency listed for $75, OC was a dental facility that I have never been a patient and I have never received a bill from. The ca has never sent me a bill either. I sent a debit validation letter because I truly believed there was no way that it could have been mine. They sent me back a statement from the OC with a list of all procedures and prices. It was from 5 years ago and in my husband’s name. The statement doesn’t list me at all. Which would explain why I never received anything. The letter from the ca states “our records indicate that this is a joint account with your spouse”. Am I responsible for someone else’s bill because I was married to them? its only $75 so not a big deal but I’m not going to pay for something that isn’t mine without proof. Just wanted some opinions.
  3. Wait, I thought that in 2017 the credit bureaus said that if a medical collections is paid that it will be deleted?
  4. After my husband had shoulder surgery and was out of work 6 months we fell behind. when he was able to return to work we tried getting caught up but some of his medical bills went to collections. Jump to last month when we were served a summons. It was our bill and it was on our list to start paying but we hadn’t yet. We were being sued by a collection agency. We sold some things, borrowed, donated plasma. Everything we could think of to come up with the money. We got it. We paid the lawyer in full for the bill, interest, and fees all before it went to court. The case was dismissed with prejudice. A week later the collection agency updated my credit report but it said unpaid and the balance was the same as before we paid. I waited another week and disputed. Again verified, “unpaid” balance still the same. I called lawyer. He verified that I paid and we were all good. I called agency. They refused to talk to me because they said it was in judgement. I said no I just talked to your attorney. You need to talk to your attorney. She wouldn’t listen to anything I said. Waited a week and disputed with another reporting agency, again verified “unpaid”. what can I do? Where do I go from here?

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