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  1. Here is an update. I got my first Social Security a month ago on October 2. I then got pre-qualified using that plus the small Lockheed pension. About a month ago my real estate agent and I submitted an offer on a house. It was accepted. I expect to close this week. I will get either 2.625% or 2.25% (VA loan), I just have to pay a little to get the lower rate and I intend to. The credit agencies keep nagging me to get more credit cards. I think it is strange that: they say my score will go up if I do my score will go down if I apply for more cred
  2. This is an update. First, I had asked about a FICO score. My bank (the credit card) said they could not provide my FICO score. Yet everywhere else I looked I had a FICO score. Well I called my bank and eventually he told me that they use FICO 9, not FICO 8. So I do have a FICO 8. I got pre-approved for the maximum amount I was hoping for. I won't be able to pay a mortgage payment for more. So that is good. I do not know how much a difference it will make in getting a lower rate but I hope I am good enough. I hope to get a VA loan. I am preparing to make trip
  3. Oh, yes, certainly; I did that a couple of years ago. And I have been watching it. I have been confused, since it confirms I submitted a claim (online) the first of June (the first day I could as far as I know) and then nothing has happened since June 2. I called and they told me everything is set and I should get an awards letter but that does not happen either. And then ... And now I have some important, highly relevant news. About two hours ago I was sent (email) notification of a change of status. Everything online shows I am set. I can even print the Benefit Verification Lette
  4. Thank you. That makes sense. I do not know enough to know if something seems to be a mistake but what you said with correction makes much better sense. I tried to use the multi-quote but it seems to work differently here than other places. Update: I now see how it works.
  5. My first credit card is secured but my second one, the Credit One card, is unsecured. At least I did not provide funds for it. I paid $75 for it and the credit limit is only $300 but at least I have it and it is unsecured. Would it help to apply for another unsecured card? Can I report my Social Security income now (after September first at least) prior to receiving any of it October first?
  6. Thank you. I understand that is is income and such. My question is about reporting it prior to receiving any of it. That query will be irrelevant after October first.
  7. Thank you. I have looked. I have not been as thorough as I perhaps I should but I have looked. That is why I said that most of the material is relevant to fixing bad credit.
  8. I do not need to repair bad credit, I need to create credit. Much of the material in this site appears to be very useful for repairing credit but I am hoping for guidance to material relevant to me. Until a few months ago I have not had credit for many years. Equifax now says my VantageScore is 682. The Navy Federal Credit Union says they cannot show my FICO score and that it usually takes a couple of months to get a FICO score, implying I do not have a FICO score. In the Experian website, in a page that says "Samuel, here are your Experian FICO® Scores" in the "FICO Score 8" tab a
  9. I am new. I have had health difficulties but that has now been reduced significantly. My situation is not a matter of repairing credit, I need to get credit. I have been doing nothing related to credit for a long time. My VantageScore is about 700 and my payment history is excellent but there is nothing much in my history older than 6 months. I do not have a FICO score and that is what I need to ask about. I will provide details in a separate thread. I will begin receiving Social Security in a week. I expect to be purchasing a home soon, hopefully with a VA
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