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  1. Coming back with a quick question since everything makes sense aside from one thing to me: The CA tacked on a fee to the debt. It's about $100ish on top of what I was initially billed. In sending the OC the remittance, am I to include the CA fee? Or just send what was billed originally absent of this?
  2. Hi everyone, I was pointed here from myFICO since they don't generally allow medical debt posts on their boards. Over a year ago I had a pretty major allergic reaction to something and managed to get that all cleared up. After the recovery I went to an allergist in my city to do testing to try and narrow down what had happened. In doing so I was billed for the service day of which my insurance at the time covered. At a later date I was sent another bill just for being a first time patient, which wasn't covered by my insurance. The issue is between the first bill for the service and the second bill for the new patient fee I had lost my job and learned the hard way that living with minimal savings isn't a solid decision. I stupidly buried my head in the sand and chose to try to ignore that until I had to deal with it head on; needless to say, here I am dealing with it head on. The new patient bill was sent to collections last year. I sent a debt validation letter in which the CA validated the debt last December. Again I chose the ignoring path while I was accruing savings with my new job. I recently sent a PFD letter to the CA which has been ignored, but it also looks like a PFD in this situation wasn't the right step to take (new to the dealing with the collections world). I now have the means to pay this debt in full, even despite the fact the CA added a fee on top of the bill in collections. I tried talking to the allergist's office about paying them directly to no avail. Overall I just would like to get this removed from my credit report. I've been told calling the CA is not the right move but at the same time I'm a little lost in terms of how to go around this. Do I follow the HIPAA steps outlined here? Am I out of luck? Any direction would be greatly, greatly appreciated! Edit: For what it is worth, the CA doesn't appear to specialize in the medical field. Not sure if I should name them here but will if it helps.

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