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  1. I have a question about how to best proceed against Infiniti Finance. I had a leased vehicle and the lease terminated in Jan 2016. Lease was under mileage and in perfect condition. There were no issues with lease termination. Fast forward to 2018. Infiniti started reporting that it was a full termination Lease with a balance owing of $3300. I did not become aware of this until about 6 months ago. Infiniti is reporting this as an open account. I disputed twice and they verified twice. So I called the number on the credit bureau reporting and it connected me to Infiniti. They to
  2. Appreciate the feedback. I don’t know what your professional background is. But I would say that my tax advisor is both a CPA and tax attorney. He is aggressive but not reckless. That being said, I have until recently earned between $200 and $240k per year and paid at or less than 20% per year in total taxes. As a self employed individual, he has advised me of what expenses I can list as operating expenses, reducing my taxable income. And among those things are a leased vehicle. Along with alimony paid, I have been able to reduce my taxable income to $140k. And my projected savings for
  3. I do hope to negotiate a better deal or find a deal at lease hacks. However, the deal you described is not very accurate.... You quoted $48,396 + tax to drive the vehicle for 3 years. I’m a 1099 with an LLC. The lease payments are 100% deductible as a business expense for the portion of the vehicle that is used for business purposes. And that would be an estimated 80% of the time. So I would actually be paying roughly $9,679 to drive the $78,000 vehicle for 3 years...or $268 per month. And that is absolutely worth it to me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks Marv! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I don’t have prior lease through MBFS. I do have one at same payment through Infiniti. My DTI is solid. I have 3 credit cards and carry $20 balance on each of them to show payment history. I have a $50/mo payment on a $500 installment loan so I have more installment loan history. I lease a home for $2700 per month. My other car has a $650/mo payment. That is totality of my debt. My story is this... had great credit until I got divorced on 2013. And I took a beating financially. I just didn’t apply for any credit other than my car after that shellacking. I paid cash for what I needed.
  6. My income by tax return has been $190 to $220k for past 10 years. Part of that has been as W2 and part as 1099. I work in emergency medicine, so W2 vs 1099 is dependent upon the pay structure of the physician group I am working with. But I’ve been, but I have worked in the same position for 13+ years. There are a couple of reasons I am looking at lease vs RISA. Per my tax advisor, lease is cleaner. I may deduct whatever percentage of my lease payment is related to business use. And that is high. Probably 80% business use. Secondly, luxury cars lose a lot of their value (nearly half)
  7. I believe I have read somewhere on Mercedes website or perhaps somewhere else the top-tier is 720+. What I am unsure of is whether it would be negotiable to have them use my experience score, or whether they would blend the mid score from all three. My Experian is now 693 Auto 8. So I think I may be able to get it to 720 in a couple months. Proof of income is not an issue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. If this is not the correct forum, if mods would help get it where it belongs I would be appreciative. These are my auto 8 scores. According to Experian, my Auto 8 is now 693 (as of today’s update). I was 580 a month ago. I got a lot of inaccurate and outdated info deleted. I got a secured discover card with $2k balance, a Capital One secured $1k limit, and a Credit One Amex with $300 limit (yeah, I know, but it’s Amex) I gained about 100 points across the board in a little over a month. I have 3% utilization in credit. 3 years perfect hx with car payment. I’m a 1099 employee an
  10. So how do you like DCU? Are they good for other products other than credit card? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Is “UNFCU” Navy Fed? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I have read the discovery and capital one will be considered for unsecured status in a year. I do not have a relationship with Citibank. Although they are a large bank and offer many other credit card products, so it creates an opportunity to upgrade to one of their unsecured cards in the future. I do not have a relationship with US Bank, but they also offer other bank products which could be beneficial in the future. The thing I like about DCU Is that they do not cap The amount of your secured card. You place money into a savings account which draws interest and they match however much m
  13. Thank you Marv! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I actually have 4 items that will be reporting positive. Installment auto loan that is greater than three years old with perfect payment history. AT&T cellular that is being self reported What do your history. Several closed revolving and installment loans that are greater than seven years old with perfect payment history. Will now have two credit cards reporting very soon... One with $2000 credit limit and one with $1000 credit limit. I noted there are a few secured credit cards out there… One from US Bank that would allow a $5000 credit line. One from Citi That would allow a $5000 c
  15. I just basically stated that I recently noted, upon reviewing my credit report, that they were reporting a debt that is greater than 7 years old. That there were specific reasons the debt was not valid in the first place but it seems pointless to waste their time disputing the validity as the time allowed for reporting of the debt per the FCRA had been exceeded and I asked them to please remove the reporting from my credit report. Sent to CRA and furnisher about a month ago. Half were immediately removed without even responding to me. Still waiting on responses or action from the other half
  16. I would add... I’m a vet and have VA benefits. I would like a VA mortgage in the next 2 years with no pushback. On this trajectory I’m not seeing any, but if someone sees something I don’t please speak up. And I am member of USAA and PenFed if that matters. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Thank you so much. Income is not really an issue. There are a couple of cards (Citi, DCB) that will let you have a $5000+ secured card. Is it advisable to do this for higher stakes poker or no? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Greetings all… Kind of a new member. I was previously very active on the board and 2005 and use the advice on these boards to improve my score toa 740. And all the help is much appreciated. I was good until I got divorced in 2012. Then everything went to hell. To be honest, I just kind of washed my hands of it and said “it is what it is“ and thought I wasn’t going to worry about it because I make enough income that I am not worried about credit. I’m not saying that was a smart choice. Just being forthright. I presently only have two credit lines reporting. My auto loan which is three y
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