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  1. Easy. It’s reported as opened in the mid 1980’s.
  2. Just applied for and received approval for the BOA Premium Rewards Elite with a $22K limit. Not sure what got pulled. NFCU Flagship asked for $20K increase got $8K bringing it to $33K. NFCU Platinum asked for $20K increase got $9K bringing it to $39K Citi $7K increase to $37K Chase SWA CLI denied in January Apple increase from ~$10K to $16.5K AMEX Optima (the original one, not credit repair program) $16K to $20.9K Only soft pulls First requests in 18 months
  3. Repaired my credit starting in 2007 following the advice from CB. Posted last in 2020 when I opened a Chase Amazon. The other day was making a reservation on Hawaiian, got the pop up to apply and get 60k points. Said what the heck and did it. Boom 15.6K CL. That got me thinking about any other cards I might want. Applied for SOFI 20K CL Then NFCU Flagship. Another $25K CL. I’m done applying for another year. Wouldn’t be where I am were it not for CB. Gracias.
  4. A bonus round item, $75 credit to amazon.
  5. Just logged into chase. Shows $8,300 LOC. Instant increase without asking. Odd
  6. Thanks both of you. I have a United Chase card that never gets used may move that limit. Good suggestion.
  7. Decided to pull the trigger on Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card. We spend a lot on Amazon, the 5% back at Amazon.com was the deciding factor. A measly $5k line of credit. The lowest of all my cards. Any suggestions?
  8. Good to know, might be a reason to opt for discover...
  9. 793 Experian FICO Score 9 - Wells Fargo 800 Equifax FICO Score 9 - NFCU 796 TransUnion Vantage 3.0 - TransUnion (not sure where to get FICO) also, 781 Experian FICO Score 8 - Experian
  10. Not sure about exposure limit. Non CB cart. Interest rate is 8.99% limit is 30K. Balance is $4.00. how do I determine exposure limit?
  11. Good question. I think high limit with cash back would be a good addition.
  12. Found he right owes on on linked in and sent a letter. i haven’t applied for a new card since 2014. Any suggestions. I have Cards with AMEX, BOA, Barclays, Chase, Elan, Citi, NFCU, and Wells Fargo. My finger is itching.
  13. No, of course not. Drafting one right now. I’ll ship it out USPS today.
  14. I’ve decided to create an account after years of following, reading and implementing. Ten years ago my scores were in the toilet. All three scores are now over 790 with the elusive 800 just on the edge of the horizon. Debt utilization less than 1%. Sixteen open credit cards. No mortgage debt (paid cash for both houses). No auto loan. No personal lines of credit. Average age 18.2 years. No collections. No public records. Previous addresses deleted. Personal information correct. A 30-day late from May when Elan purchased BMW card account and I didn’t move the autopay. A 30-day late from June 2014 that I can’t get BOA to remove. What now? And thanks for all the free advice that got me here.
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