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  1. Just because, I texted GS through Apple wallet. Requested a reduction in APR. a long back and forth, because I didn’t feel like giving up. First, a highlight from Debbie at GS: Oh I see, I'm sorry about this. According to our policies, APR reductions are only available for select cardholders who are covered by protections under the SCRA based on their military status or being dependents of SCRA-covered individuals. Me: That is not true. The message I just received says: Your APR is determined using your credit score and history, and is calculated based on Prime Rate and the margin using the formula included in your Account Terms and Conditions. This is the best rate available to you at this time. If the Prime Rate changes, your APR may go up or down. At this time, APR reductions are only available for select cardholders who are covered by protections under the SCRA based on their military status or being dependents of SCRA-covered individuals. Debbie: Correct, but deductions are only available to SCRA covered individuals. Later on me: My rate is forever stuck at 20.24 with that Apple Card? Debbie: Correct, but again the APR can't be lowered. I pay in full before statement cuts, but it is irritating to be lied to. Betting if my FICO went to 600 the APR would increase.
  2. Great dialogue. Thanks!
  3. Tried again for a CLI with Apple. Here’s the Dear Jane email I received: Goldman Sachs Bank USA could not approve your request for a credit limit increase because: You have not used and paid enough of your Apple Card credit limit since your last credit limit increase Goldman Sachs Bank USA received your credit score from TransUnion Consumer Solutions. Your credit score is a number that reflects the information in your consumer report. Your credit score can change, depending on how the information in your consumer report changes. Your credit score (TransUnion FICO® Score 9) as of December 19, 2022: 825 Credit scores range from a low of 300 to a high of 850. ‘Have a decent line in excess of 20K, pay down every month before balance posts. It would seem odd if the algorithms think I’m not running anything through the card. Usual monthly spend is $1,200 or so. As an aside, TU FICO 8 is 817. Can’t figure out why I keep getting rejected.
  4. ImBack

    Busted 800

    Thank you sir, I will ship them across later today.
  5. ImBack

    Busted 800

    Thanks @shifter. Operator error. I think it’s removed entirely until I can repost w/o PII
  6. Maybe things have changed. I was issued a green AMEX in the early ‘80s. Burned them in the early 90s. Applied and was rejected in the mid 90s (paper application). In the late 90’s paid off everyone I’d burned. Including AMEX. A couple weeks later a green card showed up. Applied for and was issued a platinum in 2019. In 2003 ran a huge amount through it. A black box showed up in the mail, unrequested. Green, platinum, and black backdated to the date of the original burned card. I have heard they have a program called Optima (different than the first credit card they issued, which I still have) might wanna try that. Or call and ask what it takes to get in good graces, if you’re willing to pay back what you owe. long story short, my bet is, you won’t have any luck until you repay them. They have a long memory.
  7. ImBack

    Busted 800

    https://imgur.com/rZ4zXLN it may be working?
  8. ImBack

    Busted 800

    November updates: Experian 800 Equifax 815 Transunion 818 All FICO Score 8 It’s been a long trudge. When I started all my scores were below 600. No bankruptcies, just stupidity. I do wish I could figure out how to post the screenshots…
  9. Think I would be after 30 years…
  10. Continuous Evaluation. https://www.dni.gov/index.php/ncsc-how-we-work/ncsc-security-executive-agent/ncsc-continuous-evaluation-overview
  11. If you know what it is, you know what I mean. I am seeing Softs every 6 months from “government.”
  12. Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard $36k -> $44K NFCU VISA Signature Flagship $33K -> $41K brings me to $79K with Navy
  13. @Burgerwars smart. Vending machines.
  14. @Sidewinder not a bad idea on the streaming. 1 down, 25 to go
  15. I’ve seen lots of comments about using a card to buy a pencil. I’m interested in an easy way to have $5 or $10 charged to each card each month. I can’t figure out for example how to have each card pay a small amount against my Comcast or Verizon bills. any suggestions would be great. cheers.
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