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  1. I have a 16-year-old LLC business. I am not looking to get more credit, just checking scores. Signed up for NAV back in March, where I saw "A" ratings for D&B and Experian, and a surprise "F" rating from Equifax. Hmm, I don't have a history of not paying my vendors or other bills, so let's see what's up with that and if I need to do anything. My personal FICO8 is 783, so I don't think that's it... Normal advice is to pull the report and see - right? Turns out that you can't do that right now. Equifax's site where you normally can purchase your report for $99 had this unhelpful message: Important Message Our online product is momentarily unavailable. We are in the process of upgrading the Member Center for a better customer experience and will return soon. Please check back with us to access the new and improved self-service experience! No phone number to call or email link given. Also, note the use of the word "momentarily" - haha. Fast forward 4.5 months to last week - same message. So, I sent a query to cust.serv@equifax.com and asked how to purchase a report. I got this reply: Please contact Equifax Commercial Business at 800.727.8495 for further assistance. If you've applied for a loan or a line of credit in your business name, and it was denied you would be able to request a copy of your business credit report. If this is not the case at this time we would not be able to provide your copy of the business credit report, until the site is accessible again. Right now we still don't have an eta for the site to be accessible. Awesome. no way to purchase a report unless you were denied credit. Well, I don't think I want to go in search of ways to get denied just to be able to request a report, so it appears I'm stuck waiting to find out why their score is so much lower than the others. BTW, the wayback machine shows they put this message up on the site on March 20th, just a few days before I checked for the first time. I'm guessing their definition of "momentarily" is a bit different than mine. I note also, that Equifax is the only bureau that makes you ask for your personal report by mail as well. At least I didn't have to fax it.

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