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  1. So I signed up for an account online to prepare to make shipments for my business. We ended up using fedex instead so we never shipped or received anything thru UPS. We would get a lot of mail from them the first being solicitations for their services. We assumed it was all just junk mail and didn’t realize they were also sending invoices. Fast forward a year later I get a voicemail from a collection agency saying they are collecting for UPS. I called UPS and after being bounced around to 5 different depts they tell me we had signed up for a weekly billed pickup service Which we did not know a
  2. Discover 7500 > 8000 Got the card a few months ago. first time getting luv. minimal usage. PIF
  3. digging up this old post. Last time I was in vegas they said I was preapproved for their CC but I declined. Recently logged in to my rewards accounts and got the pop up I was preapproved so I said wth since I'm going to vegas a few times next year. Asked for the last 4 of my SS so I figured SP but I just got an alert today that they pulled HP EQ. I'm pretty mad. I wouldn't have app'd if it was HP. I'm going to call later today to see what the deal is. This happen to anyone else?
  4. OMG now they disable my online banking!
  5. I just got my new card and tried to activate it online. I get an error message saying they're unable to activate so I call in. They go thru the security questions and then say they can't verify my phone number and I have to supply another one or they can't proceed. Even though this is the same number I've used for my accounts for a while and have verified online repeatedly. Either that or I can give them another credit card number from another bank. WHAT THE HELL. I've never had a CC company ask for another credit card company's number for any reason. This seems so shady I had to triple check
  6. Discover IT $7500 and that concludes my app spree. Was hoping for a higher SL but it seems like you have to build up your CL with small CLIs over time with Discover
  7. Waiting for the influx of newbies on the board "help me get this $234 collection off my reports!"
  8. Thanks for the link. I need to remember to opt out of my new cards
  9. BOA Platinum plus $11k same day also applied for CLI on my BOA Better Balance $7500 -> $13k Citi Simplicity $9900
  10. So I recently applied for Amazon Prime Rewards card. Instant approval $5000. They pulled EX and TU. I wasn't happy with the CL so I called after receiving the card to ask for higher limit. Since I already took a double hit I said WTH and took an HP for the CLI. It shouldn't affect my score if at any. Well they instantly bumped me to 8500. I had previously checked their prequalified page and I was eligible for multiple cards. I just checked again and now I have no offers. I said WTH yet again and app'd for Unlimited frredom. Instant denial. What occurred to me is that maybe the initial
  11. gto

    Low Citi auto CLI

    Good point. Maybe it's time to put these cards back in the rotation Did you late pay them by a couple days, or a couple days past 30? a couple of days after the due date What are your current Citi limits? The soft pull CLIs every 6 months are usually not large -- about 10% of your current limit. 8500 & 5200 What are your current Citi limits? The soft pull CLIs every 6 months are usually not large -- about 10% of your current limit. My first Sp CLI with Citi was around 10%, after 3 months of being open.......recently I requested a CLI whi
  12. gto

    Low Citi auto CLI

    I'm considering it Why did they chop the limits on your cards?? If you don't mind me asking. Back before I had everything on autopay, I paid late a couple days on one of the cards. They chopped my limits to what my balances were and jacked up my rates Good point. Maybe it's time to put these cards back in the rotation
  13. Ever since Citi chopped my limits on my 2 cards, I PIF and threw em in the safe. about 6 months ago they auto CLI both 500 each. I tried to use the luv button recently to bring up my crappy limits and I got declined due to too recent increase. Then a few days ago I get another message they auto CLI 500 each again. It's like they're purposely auto increasing these small amounts so I can't get a larger increase manually without a hard pull. This happen to anyone else?
  14. Sears charge and Home Depot closed my accounts due to non-usage
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