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  1. If they want to play games on which balance they apply payments to, I could also play; they are having another 18 month promotion in about a week. I could get what I wanted and pick up a high ticket item to meet the minimum purchase requirement. I could then return the high ticket item and have my remaining purchase on 18 months no interest.
  2. If I am reading the terms correctly, interest is accrued from date of purchase and if the promotional balance is not paid at the end of the term the accrued interest is applied. So if I tried this method I would be paying interest for the full 6 months.
  3. We recently moved so have been using the Lowes card a decent amount lately. Currently have a balance on 18 months no interest. My question is if I make another purchase on a 6 month no interest promotion, how are the payments applied? I would like to do this, but if the payments are applied to the first purchase then it would basically convert the whole balance to a 6 month promotion period.
  4. Current balance around 8000Might be what spooked them. With this denial, would I stand a chance trying to open a savings account and Visa to get 'in' with them now and try the auto again later or are they telling me they don't want anything at all to do with me?
  5. Bunch of new accounts lately? Newest account listed on report is Lending Club 6 months ago. Actually had 2 new inquiries on EQ last week, Discover and HSN (regret this one). HSN just started reporting today and Discover not reporting yet. DCU pulled my report Saturday.
  6. Just checked and status is DECLINED! EQ score of 680. Reasons given were: Collection account(s) or Judgement(s) Delinquent past or present credit obligations with others. Escalating debt. I have a few collections that are several years old. Debt is actually going down. 1 new inquiry, new account hasn't reported yet. Utilization around 1 - 3% Is this worth a call for a recon or not?
  7. I applied for an automobile refinance online Saturday with DCU. Everything I had seen says they usually respond quickly. When I log in it shows 'REVIEW' as loan status. Is this a bad sign? Should I call or just be patient? I am not a member yet, if I understand correctly they will set up my membership after the loan is approved.
  8. If SyncBank and Paypal split up, what will become of current SmartConnect accounts? Will they just be discontinued and closed (anyone remember x.com?)
  9. (I posted this in the main forum, but adding here to see if I get a definite answer since it is related to medical collections) I want to add a family member as an authorized user on a couple of cards. I know this will probably cause my address to show on their reports. Occasionally a medical collection will end up on my reports since they are listed on my health insurance (currently disputing a few of these now). My question is will my address on their reports make it easier or more likely for the CRA's or CA's to verify disputed collections? Any other issues I am not considering?
  10. Will my address on their reports cause the CRA or CA to match the medical bills and verify easier?
  11. I want to add a family member as an authorized user to a couple of cards but have concerns about linking our addresses and reports. The reason is because occasionally a medical collection of theirs shows up on my reports because of them being on my insurance. I am currently dealing with a few of them now. Is this anything to be concerned about?
  12. How long are most people seeing for results? I contacted EO last week to change to the quicksilver and request a Cli. I was told would receive a call back later that week or Tuesday of this week at the latest and each request went to a different department. Cash rewards was added to my account a few days ago but the credit limit hasn't changed and still haven't received a call.
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