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  1. Thanks, @MarvBear! Appreciate your time and input. Will try to negotiate with Truliant about using savings - they approved the loan and are now waiting for the income proofs. Thank you!
  2. Hello! i do have an SSN. I have a legal status (visa). @hegemony, thanks for welcoming me. I’d prefer to not disclose the reasons, but it was not evasion for the sake of evasion. I even have money set aside to pay the taxes.
  3. Hi everyone! Shopping for cars right now. Moved to the US few years ago, only started credit less than a year from today and I've been super careful - never missed payments, slowly increasing the credit lines, not too many hard inquiries, which gives me a score of around 700 by different agencies. Started applying for loans at major banks and Credit Unions. Was denied by most based on "limited credit experience". However, two CU's pre-approved, but since I don't have 2 yrs of tax returnsor paystubs (self-employed) - they ended up denying. My bank statements will show an income of $35k before taxes. Looks like I should expect a bigger APR and agreeing to whatever the dealership has to offer? I got my eyes set on a specific used model and make, the prices are within $12k-$13k ballpark. I might do $2k down, too. The longer term, the better. What are my chances and what APR I should be expecting - if possible to predict? Thanks~

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