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  1. leagleeagle2012: 9K? Really? That final payment must have been a dilly. What is the date of her last payment? The SOL for consumer debt in FLA is 4 years. It was a 2 year interest free card and last payment was 5/2018 and final was due on 12/31/2018. Final was $1600 Sears refused to settle the final payment 2 days past due and demanded full amount with all interest, close to $3000. She tried to break the final payment into 2 payments and even pay a little more money, they refused. So here we are ......
  2. Trying to help a friend and not sure what to do. They were just served with paperwork from the Courts in Osceola County, Fl. It was filed by Raush Sturm on behalf of Sears for some appliances purchased almost 5 years ago. The account was interest free and when it came time to make the final payment it was offered to Sears to split the final payment within 7 days of each other to clear the account. They refused and final payment was not made. In the documents they included only 1 statement which shows a balance now due of $9027.70 as of 1/9/2019. Currently she has 10 days to answer the court c
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