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  1. Understood, friend. I included some further data points in the post above this, if you wouldn't mind giving that a look?
  2. I apologize, I don't have IDS (yet) but I do have the others if that helps (actual copies). Also, this one has hopped back and forth between CA & OC so I'm not sure if that's where some stuff is lost/inconsistent on the reports. Experian- DOFD: 02/2015 shown as 30/60/90/60/90/120 starting from 02/2015 to 07/2015, no data (08/2015), 120 (09/2015), no data (10/2015, 11/2015). CO from 12/2015 Equifax- DOFD: 01/01/2015 shown as 30/60/90/60/90/120/120 from 02/2015 to 08/2015), no data from 09/2015 to 06/2016 CO from 07/2016 Date First Reported: 07/02/2020 Transunion- DOFD: 02/2015 shown as 30/60/90/60/90/120/120 from 02/2015 to 08/2015, no data from 9/2015 to 11/2015 CO from 12/2015
  3. Long story short, an illness took me off work for some time and some card payments were prioritized above others. I have since cleaned my credit up save for one lone big bad that will not die off in the form of DSNB/Macy's (CitiBank). Here's the deets: Date Opened: 11/16/2009 Last Payment Made: 05/06/2015 Date Closed: 04/26/2015 I've inquired about the debt and was told since it's past SOL it's no longer being pursued for collection, just reported monthly as charged off. That charge off reporting is a damper, though. What steps should I take, if any, to remove or rectify it on my reports? I can pay it in full, but is there any hope for it being removed or updated to not reflect so harshly? I appreciate any advice!

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