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  1. Well - seems to be back up for me. Hope someone else who's having the problem takes solace in that 🙂
  2. Trying to log-in to MyEquifax, and getting the error "We are temporarily unable to complete this request. Please try again later.". I got this once before in July, just curious if others are seeing that.
  3. Thanks, I'll give it another couple of weeks and then do that. I still have a file with all my accounts (per Equifax's online account), so I'm guessing either it will magically self-correct in the coming weeks, or I'll have to request a paper copy and then send in my IDs/utility bill to get my report in shape.
  4. And as a sidenote - I did go to AnnualCreditReport.com, but Equifax's verification questions were not applicable - and then they said I had to request a paper copy. Transunion and Experian were fine.
  5. Dispute section still wonky - I paid a Chase card to 0 yesterday, so waiting for that to post. Other statement closing today, and another on the 5th - so hopefully that jogs its mind...
  6. Thanks - but back to the original question/point - is the online dispute screen at the CRAs prone to being inaccurate? I thought it was generally a great snapshot.
  7. I could, I just happened to have an Equifax account, so I've been using that. The only issue I've had since my move is with Equifax, so it's convenient.
  8. I signed up for an Equifax account back in June to get the 6 free reports. I use the backdoor dispute screen to see the current snapshot of my account info and Personal Info.
  9. I'd hope that Equifax's own dispute info (where I accessed my info) would be accurate. Is it often not accurate due to computer glitches?
  10. So, an update, but even more confusing. These changes are new as of today (I check daily): 1) My new address is completely gone from my report (it's not showing as a previous address, or current address) 2) Two of my tradelines are duplicated on my report. They are identical (Chase accounts), with the same report date. 3) My other two tradelines are still showing properly (so I don't think it's a split file). I have a couple of statements cutting over the next few days, so we'll see what happens...
  11. Oh, I know. But, like (I suspect) many here, I'm anal retentive 🙂
  12. Thanks for the feedback - I'll give it another week or two and see what happens.
  13. I have not applied for any new credit (I'm pretty conservative with only 4 open credit cards, and no other debts). It's just interesting that it seems Equifax is taking a lot longer than the other two. They're obviously getting the address (since it's listed) - but for whatever reason, they're not seeing it as "Current".
  14. I know this thread is quite old - but I'm having a similar issue. I moved back on July 1, and I got notice from Experian and Transunion that an address update was made (credit monitoring). However, when I check Equifax (free membership with 6 free pulls, and access to dispute center), it's showing my Current Address (the new place I moved) as an Old Address, and my previous address (that I moved from July 1) as my Current Address. Is this just a matter of giving it more time for Equifax to figure out that I moved? Maybe when the statements report again (with the updated address)?

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