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  1. Appreciate it! Seems like it's back up 🙂
  2. Anyone else seeing the "Temporarily Unavailable" message when accessing the MyEquifax dispute portal? And, no, I'm not looking for advice to 'paper dispute'. Thanks!
  3. Hopefully OP pulls their actual report (you can do it weekly these days, do it!) - and see what shows up.
  4. Go to AnnualCreditReport.com, and check the actual report to see if the inquiry appeared. I have credit monitoring, and when I was living with family (same last name), it would often generate an alert if they got a credit check. Now that I've moved away, doesn't happen anymore.
  5. Please keep us updated as this progresses!
  6. I talked to Equifax a few months ago about something, and asked if they'd transfer me to the US Call Center. They said they couldn't. But I feel like that's just their first-line answer, which might change if you really request it. Obviously they can transfer calls - that's a basic function of any call center. Otherwise, file a complaint with the CFPB.
  7. Pretty typical to have a grocery store quarter. 5% back, when paired with the CSP/CSR (whose points are worth 2 - 3 cents based on my redemptions) makes this like 10 - 15% 'cash back' when redeeming points. So, not terrible. For most of us that don't buy gift cards to maximize returns, not earth shattering.
  8. Update: It seems that 2 of my 3 cards just updated today (statement cut date of May 26th for both of them) - so Equifax must be working through their backlog. Hope someone finds this info useful in the future.
  9. Wow, interesting - so it seems there is an issue with Chase/Equifax. I just paid one of my cards down to $0 two days ago (which triggers an update) - I'll keep this thread updated if I see it post to Equifax in the next couple of days. Thanks for responding and providing another data point that this is a systemic issue with Chase/Equifax!
  10. OK If anyone else has experience over the past 30 days with delays to Chase reporting to Equifax, please chime in.
  11. Accuracy of credit reports is a concern to many of us. If it's not a concern to you, you do not need to respond here. Someone finding this thread won't find commentary helpful - I'm just trying to keep things to the point. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  12. I appreciate your responding - but it's not particularly helpful. I'm asking for data points, not opinions. I'm also well versed in credit reporting, and monitor it closely. I'd prefer this thread be for people that have actual information to share. In this case, Chase is weeks behind on showing up on Equifax, so it's not just a 'few days' - it seems like a bigger issue with their reporting.
  13. Chase has always reported promptly for me to all three - which is why this is odd. Three different cards. No split file or anything - accessing info fine in MyEquifax (backdoor / dispute) and pulled report yesterday via AnnualCreditReport (all accurate, minus balances not updating).
  14. Bump - where is everybody haha?
  15. Thanks - there must be other Chase/Equifax data points from this forum? Anyone else have any input on Chase reporting/not reporting to Equifax over the past few weeks?
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