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  1. There is one student loan remaining that was closed in 2016 and had 13 missed payments from 2010 to 2016. The balance is 0 but that's it, so I'm afraid it still might be affecting me. I definitely want to look into a citi card but they apparently don't do pre-approval's anymore and I'm nervous I'm not quite there to be approved yet.
  2. Any suggestions on creditors that use this? My score is only 645 still so not sure if it's even high enough?
  3. Yes, they'll let it be mailed to me ! I just wanted to check to see if I should be alarmed about anything, but like you mentioned I will take the significant score increase and continue rehabilitating my loans in the meantime. Once, that is all done and I pay my balance if the loans don't pop up as paid and good standing, I'll check in with Equifax.
  4. I'm using Experian which uses the FICO model! They have a three credit bureau option that updates every week, as well. Last week the accounts were still on the Equifax report but not the other reports. I looked at Annual Credit Report and it says online delivery for Equifax is unavailable.
  5. Something interesting happened today and wanted to see if anyone had any experience with this? As mentioned, I am in the process of rehabilitating my loans. For this to work, you must make 9 out of 10 payments on time and your student loans will be removed from default and put in good standing / have all charge offs removed. Today, my Experian updated all three credit reports and the Equifax report has all three closed / defaulted student loans completely removed - not even in the open account / good standing section of my report. Both Experian and Transunion still have them under my closed accounts. Any thoughts here? Should I expect it to show back up? The payments I have been making as part of the rehab process are being reported and taken from my balances.
  6. Very real! I will move forward and pay those off, as planned. One other point, I'd love some feedback on and clarification. I have been paying off my balance before the statement hits which then reports 0% utilization. Someone mentioned "0% utilization is not ideal, but don’t confuse utilization with carrying a balance.". Should I wait until my statement and then pay off my balance or continue the way I have been going for the most impact? I still keep my balances below 10% so the most utilization it would ever report is 10%.
  7. Thanks for the feedback, appreciate this advice! Also to note, once the student loans exit the rehab process they will go current, default will be removed and there will still be a balance - so I will have three revolving open accounts. I plan to pay them off immediately but is there any value of leaving them open and paying the monthly payment?
  8. I hope you get this resolved - obviously not an ideal situation during a pandemic. Have you ever had issues with them before? I have had the bank for quite some time now and never had any problems. Did they give you any clue or "reasoning" as to why they closed your account? Even if the reason is not valid. I ended up getting the secured card and can't really close it now with risk of hurting my credit more. Thanks for this information! I currently have three cards and was planning to build my credit with this. I have heard a lot of negative feedback about secured loans and been told to avoid them if I can. Does anybody else have any thoughts on this based on my current credit profile? Also, would love to hear more about tradelines. Is this something that could hurt my credit, as well? I feel like with my three secured cards, I don't want to do too much? I'm also rehabilitating my loans, so my student loan balances have been going down each month and are reporting lower balances to the credit agencies. The defaults wont be removed until March when the program completes, but I feel like that will have a major boost to my credit on top of the three secured cards which I have and plan to continue posting exceptional payment history / no carry over balance. Is it worth it to do the loan and the tradelines or one vs the other or should I take a break and focus on these three cards for now?
  9. Helpful, thank you! I think I ultimately got discouraged because it dropped me back under 600 when I had gotten it up to 607. Will press forward!
  10. Was wondering if anyone might be able to help me with my most recent score drop. I logged on today and noticed my Experian score dropped 14 points. The only change that was updated was my new balance on my Open Sky card with a limit of $500 which was $0 compared to $35 before. This is because I paid the bill and haven't used it again since. Can you credit score drop because you don't have a balance on your card? Is 0% utilization worse than say 7% utilization? Thanks all!
  11. Can't wait to read this! I love that it's 90 pages so I'm to find so much useful info. Thanks for sharing and congrats on rebuild!
  12. Thanks for the help! -All of the charged off accounts are student loans that I am no rehabilitating. So, they will go to open status and the default will be removed. Since they're student loans they wont fall off my report while open - so the best route is to pay them off. This will also help my score because they will no longer be in default. -Chime's credit builder card actually reports to all three credit bureaus! -Didn't end up doing any of these. Went for the secured credit card and student loan rehab route. -I know this is a great idea for most people but also not a reality for a lot of people. Sadly, I don't have anyone who can add me to their account. -No negative items besides my student loans. Given the rental market in NYC, I'm hoping that my score will be 650 by the time I go to rent and if they have any questions about the loans, I can show them my student rehab forms prove I am on track to have those negative marks removed and paid in full by March. My goal is to move into a place February 1 - so I'm hoping that them knowing it will be resolved in 1 month will be a good sign.
  13. Thanks everyone for your help so far! Wanted to give an exciting update. I started the student loan rehabilitation process! The great thing is that they're adding no interest during this time - so 4/9 of my payments will not accrue interest. I was able to accelerate it a bit and pay my July / August payments within a couple of days of each other - so I will finish in eight months instead of nine. Once the nine payments are complete in March I plan on paying off the remainder of the balance in full and being completely done with these student loans! I also have my $500 secured card from Open Sky, opened a Capital One secured card with a $1,000 balance with hopes to graduate it after a year at a higher limit, and just opened a credit builder card through my bank today - bringing my credit file to three which should greatly improve my score after months of on time payments. I am continuing to plan to keep my utilization for all three cards under 7% and pay on time monthly. My FICO scores are up 5-10 points across the board and my Vantage scores went up 39 points on Equifax and Transunion. They were lower than my FICO, as assumed, so are sitting at 602 and 607 with the increase. Question: I wanted to ask if anyone knew about disputing or having a closed student loan account removed from my report with $0 balance? I know that the three student loans I am rehabilitating will be removed from default and moved to open status once I complete the program, but I still have one loan that is fully paid and closed but has 13 missed payments - 87% of the payments made on time. It's the only loan out of the four loans that reports missed payments (surprisingly the three I am rehabilitating don't report any missed payments) so it would be ideal to have this one taken off. Not sure if that's even possible. Can't wait to give everyone the next update.
  14. Super helpful! I was wondering what the deposit was to bump it up to $1,000. Were they pretty quick to refund your deposit when they bumped you to unsecured? Not really an issue since it will be a year later or more but just wondering. Thanks for the info!
  15. It just affected my score because of the hard inquiry they placed for the application. Tradeline hasn't reported yet.

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