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  1. misscee

    PMI Question

    I will be calling the bank soon and will update. Thanks everyone!!!
  2. misscee

    PMI Question

    ok thank you. I already have $10,000 in equity and I will be calling as soon as my kitchen and bathroom gets done and requesting for an appraisal. My loan is conventional but I heard before that since I didn't put any money done I would have to pay 20% of the loan down which would take approximately 3 yrs according to my calculations but hey if I could get it drop sooner, why not.
  3. misscee

    PMI Question

    Do you have to refinance in order for your PMI to drop?? I am upgrading the kitchen and bathroom so I know the value of the house will go up. I didn't put any money down when I bought the house and in 3 yrs I will have paid 20% of the loan. I really don't want to finance my loan just for the PMI to drop. Thanks in advance
  4. If I only knew it was that simple. I have been calling different real estate lawyers and they were quoting like $400. I knew it couldn't be that expensive just to add a name to the deed. I'm trying to get a home loan to do some needed updates to my house and the only way they can include my fiance's income is to have his name on the deed. I will start calling different title companies tomorrow. Old Ruplic is kind of far. I live in Philadelphia, PA. Thank you again. I was starting to give up on the process.
  5. Thank you so much for your advice. I spoke with the lender and they said based on my loan type I would need a lawyer. Do you know off hand how much that would typically cost. I also live in the state of PA.
  6. Hello everyone, I need to add my fiance on to the deed and wasn't aware that I could've done this at closing which was 5 months ago. Could someone please explain the process for me to take to make this possible since I still have a mortagage on the house. Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm not upset about the fact that I had to provide bank statements and proof of my earnest money. I am however upset that I haven't spoke with the LO for about a month and a half and the processor makes no attempts to call me either. The last couple of times I spoke with her is because I called with a question. I feel she had known in advance about the conditions and failed to tell me in a timely manner. It's just the principle. I understand that things can come up at the last minute but when I talk to her she made it seem like this was something that totally slipped her mind. I also spo
  8. Hello everyone. I am just writing to vent because I am upset so please forgive me. I received my Notice of Settlement on Sat and it didn't specify the exact amt of money I needed to bring to the table. So I decided to call my LO to ask him. Of course he's going to be in and out of the office due to appointments (which is understandable) so I called my processor thinking she might know. Now mind you I posted not to long ago saying I haven't heard from my LO for about a month and a half. She tells me she's not sure of the amt but first I have some conditions that I have to take care of befor
  9. Thank you for your inputs. I personally don't care one way or another as long as the loan process is going smoothly and closing is still set on the 28th. I was going to call the LO Monday and give him a piece of my mind for not staying in touch with me but you guys just saved him from a verbal thrashing
  10. I'm closing in two weeks and I haven't heard from my loan officer since I locked my rate which was sometime in the beginning of Novemeber. Is it important for me to keep in touch with him? I do however talk to my processor when I have any questions regarding my loan. Is just talking to my processor good enough? Thanks in advance.
  11. That's what I thought too and trust me the only reason I am buying that house is because I have some connections with people who are contractors. So it really won't cost me that much to get my house updated. I'm replacing everything in there. And the market is still slow here but I guess the sellers want to take their chances.
  12. I put in a $115,000 offer for a house that was going for $130,000. This house was already price below market because it needs a lot of fixing up to do. The seller accepted my offer but they don't want to be responsible for fixing anything when the inspection report comes back. Also I did not receive a seller disclosure because the house actually belong's to the father who is in a nursing home. Now I accepted this but in return I would like the seller to pay for my home warranty for a year. My realtor told me that they were livid about this. I thought it was only fair since I didn't ask f
  13. I just got home from the inspection and he was good. He took pictures and explained everything. I didn't have a problem with him. Thanks for your help.
  14. Yes she gave me two companies that they usually work with. The company I chose is called Pillar to Post. I looked them up and they seem legit. I just always heard to get your own inspector. Thanks for replying.
  15. I am scheduled to have a home inspection on Saturday through a company that my realtor uses. I wasn't really thinking until after I signed the paperwork that's it's best to get my own inspection. Now I'm worried that the inspection might not be accurate since him and the realtor are working together. Please do anyone have any advice on what to do???
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