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  1. Get's a bit more interesting.. I took a shot and reached out to Kaiser, explaining that this ended up on my credit report and that I had paid, long story short there's some (and still) confusion whether this was a copay or professional services.. the imaging place said it was professional services. Kaiser asked the imaging place to escalate and verify, asking for removal.. called me and told me to give it a couple days and call back the imaging place to verify. So.. here's the scoop. I called the imaging place, they said it "still hasn't been paid" so they're not considering the request from Kaiser at the moment? OK, I said of course it's paid, I can show you proof.. get my credit card company on the phone etc.. they said call the collections place. I said fine. Collection place won't talk to me as soon as I said I paid and asking them to notify the imaging place.. I indicated having proof of payment, confirmation number.... " CLICK " hung up. I tried several times today and no help, no call back etc. I called the imaging place that sent me to collections, they said they won't help because it's in collections, I tried to restate same thing, I have proof of payment, confirmation number etc.. he said it's "my problem" and "CLICK" again. I called back Kaiser again, they made additional notes and said to give it a week and they will escalate again.. Here's the question.. Should I wait, send the WhyChat letter or ? I almost called an attorney and gave them some money, I was so pissed but I don't think there's a leg to stand on yet.. Any ideas or suggestions?
  2. Thank you WhyChat and StarkRaven, I'm going to start here as mentioned https://whychat.me/hipaadisp.html And yes, I think I will follow up with Kaiser's member services and mention this to them..
  3. Right? They sent me over there and I think they do have imaging onsite, not 100% sure of the reason why sent to 3rd party (was a cat scan) and normally keeping in house keeps things easy, if there's a copay, I just pay it and not end up with a collection on my credit almost a year later ;) I paid it and can still go back to member services and seek some help from Kaiser, I'm healthy and wouldn't want to give someone pause or think otherwise..
  4. I was notified of a new collection on my credit report, I was *not* aware of such and saw the name on my report via Credit Karma.. Here's what I did, was it a mistake? I called CMRE asked what the heck and why did you report an item on my report? They explained what it was and was for "doctor billing" 3rd party provider and they gave me a date of 7/2019 and I was under the impression my insurance / Kaiser paid for this as they had referred me there. They said NO and that they mailed me a letter in 1/2020 and waited the 6 months then reported it. Seemed like it made sense as they convinced me I could follow up with Kaiser and get reimbursed if in error, so I paid it on the phone was 3 hundred and something. I asked if this would be removed from my report once paid and they said NO, I indicated I'd pay in dispute and follow up with my insurance as I thought had been paid thru them (happens I guess). Anyway, my son was in the car during the call and later was doing some research and felt like I got the shaft as far as CMRE notifying me. I asked why no one called and a single letter may be disregarded if not recognized.. they said they don't have to and probably didn't have my phone number? Anyway, I'm sorry about the longwinded post over small potatoes but the collection hasn't updated (paid a week or so back) and references "Medial" and name of provider, I'm self employed and get bonded from time to time, have good credit but don't think it's fair having the Medical connotation on there. Should I have my attorney draft a letter for HIPAA?, I read some posts here and I guess I could try the WhyChat method but am also a very busy person. Was reported on 6/28 and says original collection opened 12/2019

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