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  1. Will paying off and closing the First Premier and Credit One with their high fees and opening a higher limit secure card like $1,000 hurt my score? I don't mind it going down for a month or two if it will jump back higher after a few months. Or would closing the card and adding an account like SelfLender do better for me?
  2. It’s a long post but, where do I go from here? I am not sure what to do next. Do I just pay everything off and only charge a small account to one or two cards and pay them off every month or is there more to it? My goal is to buy a house. Hopefully by next summer. I, unfortunately, listened to Credit Karma before I did more research and opened more cards than I probably should have and charged a bunch but, I will have all the balances back at zero in 2-3 months at most. Here is what I am doing: paying all current credit balances to zero with no more charging, paying down student loans currently in deferment. I am thinking of closing the First Premier card and opening a self lender account (to get a better mix) but, am not sure if closing a paid card will hurt my score. This is where I am sitting at: Scores Wells Fargo Fico 9 score: 626 Fico 8 scores pulled from premium Experian subscription: Experian- 657 Equifax- 643 Transunion: 661 Fico 8: 657 Collections LVNV/Resurgent: $518 paid just waiting to be deleted from credit report IC Systems: $253, waiting on a response from debt verification letter, if that doesn't work I am asking for a PFD What Is Reporting Fingerhut: $73.06 out of $600 limit since Feb 2020 Capital One (authorized user, no card): $555 out of $9,500 limit since Nov 2014 Capital One (Walmart store card): $193.24 out of $300 since May 2020 Credit One $258.50 out of $300 since May 2020 First Premier: 270.83 out of $300 since Jan 2020 Synchrony Bank: $0 out of $1800 since Feb 2020 (never used) Student Loans Went through rehab and now in deferment due to being in school, no longer taking out more loans. Total: $39107.18 I also have some transferred closed student loans showing up on Equifax and Transuion as 120 days late with zero balances that I do not know what to do with. FICO Score Message 1 of 3 0 Kudos Reply

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