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  1. Hi SLPMd and Centex Thank your for the reply back. These are federal student loans and they were in default. So far as rehab, I am not sure what that is. Can you provide me with any information on rehabbing student loans? Below is a little more information on those accounts: Original Creditor: US DEPARTMENT OF EDU AFSA Date of Last Activity: 4/1/2012 Balance: $0 Status: "Pays as Agreed" New Creditor: US DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Please let me know if you may need any more additional information to help with my request. Thank you again
  2. Hello Credit Board I am newbie to this forum, but have been lurking for a while. I had recently pulled my credit report and I am having major issues with my student loans. Apparently I have loans that have been transferred \ sold and now are with a new company. The original loan was open back in the 2000's but they are still showing on my credit report. I am not sure how I can have these removed. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
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