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  1. Blast from the past...
  2. NFCU More Rewards Amex approved $15,000
  3. I forgot about that place! Are they still in business? They had pretty good lemonade.
  4. Does Cinnabon offer a card? I would rather fill up on that.
  5. Hi, usually every 2-3 months, if I remember. I just do online but phone works, too.
  6. I hate the mall now. High school was a different story.
  7. J. Crew $19,050 -> $20,050 (time for more socks) Williams Sonoma $20,250 -> $23,250 Wayfair $24,700 -> $27,700 Overstock $23,600 -> $26,600
  8. Are the other points in invisible ink?
  9. Thank you, both. I have an Instant Pot, so I can do slow cooking or pressure cooking. Actually, I have two, but that's a different story. If I could get organized, I would have everything prepped then throw it in on the slow cooker setting during work. Or, so the same after work if using the pressure cooker. I'm going to plan my menu during the week and then do the prep over the weekend. I really appreciate the comments.
  10. Thank you for the insights. Yes, this is what I was talking about, but on a smaller scale. More like a week at a time. It would be meals more like lasagna, some sort of casserole, or soup. So, yes, single-dish meals. I suppose if I just want to do a week at a time, maybe freezing would not be necessary. I wonder if I did all the prep on Sunday for my meals, if it would still stay fresh tasting through the week. For example, washing and cutting all the produce and having the ingredients measured in containers. What I hate most is the prep, so if I can get this out of the way all at once, I may be able to survive the week.

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