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  1. Where the HELL do you find these things??? (As an added note- as a nurse on one floor I worked, I unfortunately saw more than one necrotic penis. And yes, I was there when one of them fell off. And the man continued to brag about his *Admin and our Terms of Service prohibit profanity*dom history....)
  2. I've done medical mission work in countries in Africa. Their homes are made of scavenged garbage and local plant growth. Their floors are dirt. There is NO furniture, and they own one large bowl which works for everything from bathing to cooking. Many children do not own clothes, adults may own one set of clothing which was donated from other countries. They barely have food to eat. And they are more generous and complain less than anyone here in the U.S. <rant over>
  3. Really??? That is awesome.... for next time. I fly Delta the most, so I use that card the most <sigh>. Guess I'll tell them to pack light. And I won't be sending a bunch of their crap stuff back with them like I hoped. LOL
  4. I bought plane tickets for my daughter and her hubby to come home for a short visit this weekend. I used my Chase United card for their tickets here, and my Citi AmerAirlines to go back. I did this thinking they could each get a free checked bag. But now as I'm reading, I'm not sure if they will get it since I won't be traveling this trip. Does anyone know for sure? Thanks in advance!!
  5. I am so sorry. I work as a hospice nurse, and have had several covid patients. I really AM sorry. This is an awful, terrible disease.
  6. Ok... where would I find a name? (I was just about to mail these, so thank you!)
  7. I usually mail all credit repair things CRRR, but I'm wondering if this would be better received regular mail? Anyone?
  8. Yes, they are open. These are my current cards and limits. The only one with a balance is NFCU with about $4900 on it. I just took a consolidation loan at 8% to pay off several of them, and will NOT be carrying a balance every again! I also have a 2015 Honda through NFCU that will paid off in a couple months, and a mortgage we took out 2 years ago, making almost double payments. Best Buy 2000 Amazon 1500 Macy’s 1500 Kohl’s 3000 Delta AMEX. 3000 AA VISA-Citi 4800 United VISA-Chase 9000 Discover 3000
  9. Kohl's is through Capital One (late- Jan/2106) The Amex is Macys (lates- June, Sept, Oct 2014) Comenity sucks. They quit offering their card for Giant Eagle, so it's closed. It just sits there like an ugly cold sore making my CR look worse... I know PRA will do a PFD, but it's old, and if I can't get the rest off, I don't think it hurts much to let let it fall off. I may be wrong, and of course I am open to any and all advice. Thanks so much!
  10. I thought I was a member several years ago, but I think I was just a reader. One with a FICO below 500. Yuk. Things have changed dramatically, I am now a hospice nurse, we have a beautiful new home, only one kid at home (developmentally delayed, so he's not moving out any time soon), and a FICO of about 700. I really want to to get my report sparkly clean, but don't know if I'll just have to wait. I have a collection from PRA of $273 with DOFD of July 2015. I may just let this one fall off... I haven't decided My other baddies are: a 30 day in 2016 from Kohls 2
  11. It's been a very long time. So long, I couldn't remember my username, etc, so I set up a new account. Our credit before was beyond awful, we could barely pay our bills, and were drowning in debt. Today the only negative I have is an ancient medical collection, and my usage is higher than it should be. I'm sitting in the low 700's and hoping to hit 800+ once I put some work into this. Nice to see so many familiar names again!
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