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  1. Hello! First, the guides and information within this forum are excellent. Thanks to those who have contributed (especially WhyChat)! I have reviewed the guides and sticky posts, and searched. I would like some feedback to confirm my understanding of this process before getting started. I have an outstanding medical debt from October 2018 which has recently (May 2020) appeared on my credit reports. I discovered this during a mortgage application. Excuses aside, this one slipped through the cracks, my fault. It is valid, and I am not interested in disputing the amount or details. My goal is simply to get it removed from the CRAs. I am able to make the payment in full. It seems the OC has a business relationship with the CA. The debt has been with the CA for some time now (about January 2020 from my understanding), but they recently reported it to the CRAs in May 2020. Based on this, I should be sending WhyChat's "HIPAA Letter Program" to the OC via CMRR addressed to the HIPAA compliance office? And I should include Insert A, with payment enclosed via cashier's check? Thank you!

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