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  1. Credit Score Breakdown: "according to a well-trusted site/CRA". CREDIT SCORE 580 On-time payments: 100% **AWESOME** Credit utilization: 0% **AWESOME** Avg Age of credit: **FAIR** 1 yr 11 mos (STUDENT LOANS, NOT IN REPAYMENT YET) Total Accounts: 4 **FAIR** (2 STUDENT LOANS, NOT IN REPAYMENT YET, AND 2 UNPAID DEBTS(THE ONE's IM REFERRING TO) Derogatory MARKS: 2 **FAIR** (Guess the 2 unpaid debts?????????????????????????) Credit Inquiries: 1 **AWESOME**
  2. Hey guys, in process of ""repairing"" my credit by paying my debts off in full, question is and this might sound like a dumb question, but I've never done this before, so when I pay one off in full, by how many points will my score raise, if any?

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