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  1. Ok....all other credit issues are cleaned up. The only thing left is the NON MEDICAL Collection for $369. It was a Justice Store Card issued through Capital One. It is still under the SOL for store cards in Indiana. Last payment date was 10/25/18. The entire balance of $369 consists of late fees and interest. Capital One sold this debt to a JDB in June 2019. And now the JDB has a CA trying to collect for them. I sent a DV letter to the CA on June 29, 2020. And that was a BIG rookie mistake 😭, not knowing you shouldn't do that if debt is in the SOL. Response from CA about 40 days later with copies of the credit card statements. I stayed in a holding pattern with this until all other credit issues were cleaned up as WhyChat advised. So...now what should I do with this last collection account to minimize the affect on my scores? I can't let it sit until the SOL is over. It is dinging my scores every month by reporting late payments. I can't get a credit card or basically anthing unsecured credit wise because of this dinging my credit. I also have a very thin file, which I can't beef up because I can't get credit anywhere. It's a vicious cycle! Please and thank you for your help! Lola2020
  2. INDIANA STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS Open Acct.: 6 WhyChat - This is from your links. It is unfortunately 6 years.
  3. WhyChat - The debt is still in SOL. My state has SOL of 6 years. The credit card was opened in August 2018 with last payment made in October 2018. The balance showing owed is $369, which is an accumulation of late fees and interest up through May 2019. The debt was sold to JDB in June 2019. The debt is only about 2 years into the SOL. The CA is reporting to ALL THREE CRA's. I guess I messed up on trying to fix this NON MEDICAL COLLECTION, and I really need to get this off my credit report. If Pay for Delete is suggested, please let me know. If there is another option, please advise. I have a thin credit file and I am having trouble getting approved for anything so I can build my file. I did not know what the debt was for until I requested the DV. But apparently, doing a DV while still in SOL is not a good idea. I sent that DV before I found this site or the GUIDEBOOK. I followed all the steps for Medical Collections Paid and was succesful in getting deletes from Tu & Ex. Eq sent notification the debt was valid, so I am waiting on response from sending LETTER TO COLLECTION AGENCY ON MEDICAL ACCOUNT REPORTING AS PAID, then sending Eq the FOLLOW UP DISPUTE LETTER FOR BOTH TO CRA. Very much appreciate the advice and criticism! I wish I had found CreditBoards before I started working on repairing my credit.
  4. I did not mean that. i started a sentence and did not go back and delete that. I know they wouldn't be able to send the signed card. 😌 The balance due is $369, which are mainly late fees charged by Capital One. Should I sit back and wait to see if anything happens? What about Pay for Delete? Or make payment in full and be done? I really want this off my credit report. It is the only thing left on there that is dinging my scores.
  5. I am still working on the medical collection that Eq did not delete, so have not followed up on anything regarding the DV letter I sent for the NON MEDICAL Collection on my credit reports. But, I did receive a response from the CA to my DV letter. The CA sent me copies of credit card statements from August 2018 - June 2019. On the June 2019 statement, the is an attachment with the Capital One Card Member Agreement and a statement that the account was acquired by Bureaus Investment Group Portfolio and they own the account and may contact me directly, through affiliates or a third party. There is also an Assignment notation in the credit card agreement. They did not include a signed credit card Attached to this packet was a letter from the CA saying: "This letter is in response to youuest for validation of debt that we received on 6/29/2020. We forwarded your request to our client and they have send us the following statements." OC: Justice Store Credit Card - Capital One CA: Bureaus Investment Group Portfolio (Cap One Assigned to them in June 2019) 2nd CA: D&A Services I believe this is improper DV and in doing some research, the BBB website has several complaints about this same thing for the Bureaus. Wondering what my next move should be? Thanks for all the advice!
  6. Is there a chance that sending the CA the LETTER TO COLLECTION AGENCY ON MEDICAL ACCOUNT REPORTING AS PAID, then sending Eq the FOLLOW UP DISPUTE LETTER FOR BOTH TO CRA will trigger the CA to report again to Tu & Ex that ithese are a paid medical collection? Both Tu & Ex deleted these collections from their reports after getting the NEW INITIAL DISPUTE LETTER? Or with having the written notices from Tu & Ex, will that suffice for them to have to keep this off my report if the CA decided to report this as Paid Medical Collection say in 3 months?
  7. I am following the guide. However, I did not request deletion of old addresses. I will be sending those letters out today. How far back should addresses be deleted? I have three different addresses between 2016 and Present. I should probably keep those three and delete eveything else.
  8. I was just looking over the letter sent to me by Eq showing the paid medical collections were valid. It is interesting that the letter is addressed to me with my name misspelled. Is there anything to use there to get Eq to delete due to that?
  9. Last on time payment on NON medical debt would have been Sept or Oct 2018. On the medical accounts, one shows Date of 1st Delinquency of 3/2015, Assigned 01/20/16 and paid in full 7/2016. The other one shows Date of 1st Delinquency 5/2015, Assigned 10/2016 and paid 12/2016. I don't have the actual bills or EOB's from those medical services. On the NON medical debt, I should wait until I resolve the medical debt with Eq before sending any additional correspondence to the CA or to the other two CRA? Thanks for all the information!
  10. Just to clarify. I misspoke on the dispute to the CRA for the NON Medical account. I did not dispute the account or request DV. Instead, at the request of the mortgage lender looking to refinance our home back in May, I requested they CRA's remove the word "DISPUTE" from the Comment Section of the Credit Report for this CA. 😧
  11. Thank you Why Chat! Let me back up on this. First want to clarify the medical collections reporting as paid. Here is what I have done so far: 1) Opt Out 2) Remove Old Addresses - did not do. 2) Send Initial Medical Dispute in blue ink to all three CRA. 3) Received responses: TU & EX deleted from credit reports. Eq verified the debt with a reporting date from the CA of July 7, 2020 Next Steps should be: 4) LETTER TO COLLECTION AGENCY ON MEDICAL ACCOUNT REPORTING AS PAID 5) FOLLOW UP DISPUTE LETTER FOR BOTH TO CRA. If next steps on the Medical Collection Reported as Paid are what I need to do, I will tackle this immediately. Let me know if I need to remove Old Addresses before doing #4 to CA & #5 to Eq, let me know. I have moved from the address that I lived at when the medical service was provided. These medical collections are still in the SOL. Thank you!
  12. I did the Opt Out, but have not deleted old addresses. I will first delete old addresses with Equifax, then send the two recommended letters and hope that will end with a Delete on this item. I have an additional question regarding a DV I sent to a CA that is not a medical collection. The letter was signed as received by the CA on 6/29/20 and I have had no response. This is an unpaid collection, which I think is a compilation of late fees. The current CA is not the original CA. The current CA sent a collection notice on June 15 and offered to have me pay a smaller balance to pay in full. Balance amount is $369 and they offered payoff at a deep discount of $314!!! (yes they included that many explanation marks in their letter. I sent the DV letter after receiving the June 15 correspondence from the CA. Also in May 2020, I disputed this collection with all three CB and recieved response that debt was valid. It was an online dispute made before I discovered these boards. Based on the instruction on Why Chat's Credit Confusion Home, I arrived at this link: https://www.creditinfocenter.com/rebuild/debt-validation.shtml I assume my next steps are #5 & #6. I just wanted to confirm I am following the right process on this one as well. Thanks for all the help and advice for working through this confusing maze. I know in the long run iall this will payoff! Thank you! Lola2020
  13. Today I received the last response after sending the CRA initial dispute letters for Medical Collections that have been Paid. Both TransUnion & Experian deleted the accounts from my credit report. Equifax did not. They responded with "We have researched the collection account. The results are: We verified that this item belongs to you. THE FOLLOWING FIELDS HAVE BEEN MODIFIED: *STATUS DATE *BALANCE DATE *ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. If you have additional questions about this item please contact: Name, address & Phone for the medical collector office." So these paid medical collections from 2015 are still sitting on my credit report. What should my next steps be to try and get these two accounts removed from Equifax. Thanks!
  14. Thamks Why Chat! I have my three initial dispute letters along with credit report copies of accounts circled ready to be sent out in the morning. I am working on a validation letter for the credit card debt that was apparently sold to a junk debt buyer. I will post any updates to see where we go from any responses I receive. Feels good to take control of my credit report that I had been ignoring until things hit the fan! Hoping these things won't take too long to resolve. I've gotten myself in a not so great situation due to letting my credit usage, type of account mix and not having any revolving debt since my divorce in 2016. I didn't realize those things hurt your credit as well!
  15. I am working on cleaning up a few items on my credit reports and not sure which way to start. There are two Paid Collection medical bills showing on my reports, which is hurting my ability to rebuild my credit after divorce. They both are being reported by the same medical collection agency that is a local company where I live. They are both old, but still have a couple years to fall off my reports. One for $73 has a delinquency date of 3/2015, assigned to collections 1/2016, paid in full 7/2016. Last reported to credit bureaus on 6/2017, The other one for $164 has a delinquency date of 5/27/15, assigned to collections 10/2016, paid in full 12/2016 and was last reported on May 18, 2020. Should I call them and request a goodwill adjustment to have them remove the reporting, write a goodwill letter, or move to the HIPAA letter? I also have one account in collection status that I disagree with. I had disputed it via the credit bureaus, but only got a notation in the credit reports that the debt was conforming, which I am sure means they contacted the collector and they said I owed the debt. This is a credit card debt that appears to be sold to a collection agency. The debt amount is $370, delinquency date 12/2018, turned to collection 6/2019. I am not even sure what this is, but may just be continual late fee charges on account I though was closed. Where should I start with this one? Pay for delete or validation letter? I made the mistake of ignoring my credit report after divorce in 2016 and have a thin file, but these three things are seriously hurting my ability to get a credit card acceptance. I don't want to keep having hard credit pulls for applications when I know these items are a big reason why I am being turned down. Thanks for letting me tell my story. Lola2020

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