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  1. That could be it. I vaguely remember updating income on a credit card recently but I'm not certain it was Citi. Given the CLI, it probably was
  2. Ok, I just got an unsolicited $5,000 CLI on my CITI Simplicity MC, bumping me up to $23,000. I have been using this card recently because they gave me a 0% on all purchases and BTs deal until April 2021. This has come in handy, as we're selling our house and had to make some repairs along with paying moving and storage costs. The CLI is just gravy on top.
  3. I just locked at 2.25% for a 15 year, $350,000 VA loan with no points
  4. A couple weeks ago I was quoted 3.023% APR for a 30 year fixed or 2.431% APR for 15 year fixed from NVR Mortgage for a new construction Ryan Homes in Williamsburg, VA. Unfortunately we're still too far out to lock in the rate without paying any fees. In about a week and a half we can lock in the rate at no cost. Keeping my fingers crossed that the rates are the same or better by then.
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