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  1. By the way loans to my family don’t get paid back. Struggling siblings with child support etc.
  2. Probate is just getting started. So 6-12 months for refunds on estate costs. The estate is large but not liquid. Art, property etc.
  3. Thank you. My score will be toast but I guess I’d rather just have late mortgage payments than late payments on 4 credit cards. Never in my life have I had emergencies in the $3-5k range occur several months in a row. My equity loan will now have a crappy rate but hopefully I can refinance it down over a two year timeframe. I’ll payoff all my credit cards and catch up my mortgage with equity. As I said I owe $400m on a house worth $1mm to $1.2mm. Just a single mom miscalculation of adequate cash cushion. My cousins funeral costs keep coming and probate refund to me likely 6months to a year out.
  4. I already paid the vet cash. It was emergency room life/death situation. My cousin died shortly after and I’m his next of kin. A lot of expenses for funeral, utilities, court documents, legal stuff that I won’t get back until probate hearings move forward on his estate. I’m a single mother within a very small family. I typically am assisting other relatives with loans, so there is no one else to help out.
  5. Well this is actually a reduction in income event. I agreed to tax installment payments of $1,800 a month from August 1 to October 1. I had $10k in cash savings and have about $800k in equity. The fault was not anticipating emergencies would pop up in quick succession. After October 1 I’ll have the $1,800 extra income a month back in my cash flow. And will by then probably also have either some inheritance or an equity line as well. if a forbearance is just “late payment” maybe I should just let it be late for two months?
  6. Unfortunately I just got a new roof, and remodeled my kitchen and bathroom using my credit cards as I did not want to draw on equity at this point. After I paid for all the work I was going to pay cards off with my annual bonus (February) or get an equity loan (no rush because my cash flow was fine and I had a cash cushion). The vet bills were a huge surprise for a young pet and funeral and associated costs not anticipated at all; due to probate I’ll not get reimbursed for minimum 5 months. My mortgage is 3k a month so short term I have a monthly deficit and I’d rather not let things just go unpaid. My 401k won’t let me borrow this year as I have a loan outstanding. I should have taken out the equity instead but now I’m in a short term jam.
  7. I had a large tax bill and signed up for aggressive installment payments. Then I was struck with a massive vet bill and unfortunately now have paid about $6k in funeral expenses. I now calculate negative monthly cash flow for three months and my savings is tapped out. I have 35% LTV so can get home equity out but it’s complicated by a few things and I expected minimum of 8 weeks to get a lump sum to correct problems. I also have kids to support and car repair looming. I would like to ask lender to defer mortgage payment 60-90 days at which point I could resume payments and make a lump sum catch up payment in February 2023. Has anyone ever request payment deferral? Forbearance? It’s an FHA loan but I’m below 78% LTV and PMI is gone now.
  8. What all do I need to apply for an auto loan? Do I need tax returns? Pay vouchers? I want to go talk to bank and get preapproved but I have no idea where my tax returns are and IRS takes time. Or do they pull tax returns for me? I’ve never had an auto loan before. My FICO is probably 689
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