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  1. Thanks I'm going to stay on the safe side and just opt-out anyways But it's something that's not very clear and isn't much information on. And of course the CBs sneak it in
  2. Thanks for this. Just ordered from all four with no hassles. I know i asked already and i'm not sure it's as big a deal as i may be making it out to be, but is it necessary if I ordered the report by phone to opt-out of the forced arbitration?
  3. Thank you, last night while doing some reading i also came across this. I'm assuming Innovis is that forth bureau? I just froze them 😂
  4. Hi again I introduced myself a bit earlier. Been reading for a few weeks. Had good credit looking to get back on track. Before I send out my first disputes I have some questions I'd like to clear up and maybe someone could chime in and help me and others who may have the same questions. 1) Do I have to opt-out of forced arbitration if I purchase credit reports from CreditCheckTotal.com and not form freeannualcreditreport.com? 2) Several of my accounts have incorrect information, is error in account a reason to dispute without actually pointing out the errors in my letter? Example: "Acct #24434 is inaccurate" 3) How important is it to notarize these documents before sending them out? Appreciate all input thanks!
  5. New here. Been doing some reading without an account. Looking to repair my credit. Started off great, knew responsible credit habits before it got wrecked... lost a job and you know the rest. I'm not sure if any have ever said this... but I WILL NEVER HAVE BAD CREDIT AGAIN. I HATE IT HERE

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