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  1. Lovely Navient is posting 4, yes 4 charge-offs on my credit report. I'm starting with Equifax. Round 1: Disputed because there was still a past due balance showing on the charged off accounts (all of them). One Navient Account deleted, the rest were "verified." Equifax "updated" the "date of last payment" to literally June 2020 ... on charged off accounts. They still show a past due balance, even though the debts were sold to a collection agency. Round 2: Sent a method of verification letter to Equifax. Equifax responded with a "We don't have a credit file for you" letter. Stall tactic? Round 3: Sent a second method of verification request with copies of the "we don't have a credit file for you" letter, proof of identity, copies of their previously "verified" accounts/"investigation results" pointing out they reported payments on charged off accounts. Interestingly, the "little boxes" that appear under the accounts which tell you if it's a timely payment, late, or a charge off still show a "late/charge off" for the months Equifax says they verified I made payments. Result: Investigation is PENDING. I signed up for MyFico and apparently, Navient is reporting these charge offs/lates, FRESH, on a monthly basis - even after they sold the debt. Is this legal? How can I be late on a debt that doesn't exist anymore since they sold it off? I had a charge off before for a credit card a long time ago and once it was charged off and sold (Navient sold the debt as well) it wasn't reported every.dang.month. Is this legal or some sort of reporting violation? Am I doing this correctly? Should I do a 609 and demand that they show me a copy of my MPN? TIA!!!
  2. Hi, I sent "factual" disputes to Equifax in May with screen shots. Instead of deleting, they "updated." I'm not sure what my next step(s) are? Should I request method of validation/verification now? TIA!
  3. I unfortunately have SEVERAL private loans with Navient that have charged off. Not only does Navient report the charge offs (4) every month, now the collection angencies that they have sold the debt to are reporting. I went from a 610 to a 460's on all three bureaus. 1. Can they do this? 2. Has anyone ever negotiated a successful pay for deletion? 3. Should I dispute with the CA or Navient? Or what is the best strategy to use here. I have over 300K in student loans (rest are Federal) but Navient would never negotiate payments that worked for me, I tried. I'm getting letters from the CA's that I can pay off the loans at 70% off (still tens of thousands) but would that help my credit? I read not to pay collections sometimes? Thanks in advance!
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