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  1. *Bump Hello so I got back from being oversea and would like to know if I mess up the process. So I contact the CRA to dispute a medical collection and only Experian remove it but Equifax and Transunion did not. Equifax said "verify it is reported correctly on 8.10.201" and transunion said "verify as accurate on 8.16.2021" I also happen to get a bill from the collection agency today for the $150.96 amount. Would I need to start the process over?
  2. Hello, I'm new here but I've been looking around and found this from reddit. I want to get this collection off of my credit which I found out I had a few weeks ago. I found out that this credit collection agency has been mailing this amount to my parents house address (which I haven't live there since 2012) and when I was trying to refinance my home mortgage. I don't recall ever getting a direct bill from the hospital because I'm sure I would've paid it right then and there since I hate being in debt. The amount is for $150.96 a medical bill from Seguin Texas Emergency Physicians t
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