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  1. I applied for an AMEX BCE this morning. I follow my Experian FICO very closely through CCT. It rarely changes, but it will shift a few points here and there. Throughout all of August and September, I had been at 814. I only have one active credit card that I use, and the rest I closed (not smart, I know). I paid my last bill before the statement cut on September 30. As a result, in early October, my revolving balance was $0. This caused my score to drop 7 points to 807, which I've had happen in the past. I've been wanting to apply for the Amex BCE. I was going to wait until a balance was showing, but I was too impatient. I checked my report everyday this week and updated again this morning. Still at 807. I submitted my application and got an instant approval. On the paperwork, they said they used my Experian FICO which was 778. They say the range is 300-850, so it appears to be a normal model. Is it possible that this is FICO9 and not FICO8? I expected somewhat of a ding from the inquiry, but it's hard to believe it would hit me 29 points. This is the only inquiry on my report. Utilization is at 0%, no delinquency, lates, etc. I have a paid/closed HELOC and auto loan and various paid/closed credit cards. AAoA is 23 years. I'll pull my CCT again tomorrow and see where I am. I keep fretting about it, but it really doesn't matter. They say that I didn't get the "best rate," but it's irrelevant to me (I pay in full each month and never revolve). My understanding is that the score on the Amex website is FICO8, but I was wondering if maybe they switched to FICO9 for new applications.
  2. I applied for PenFed membership, and after entering my personal information, it immediately asked me to upload my DL, social security card, and a utility bill. Once I did that, it just said thank and we will be in touch. After checking Equifax, there was no inquiry on my report. I had lifted my freeze the previous day, and Equifax's website had the status listed as temporarily lifted. I've never had any issues with ID verification when I've done anything in the past. All of my info is current, and I know I entered everything correctly. Has anyone else had this happen? I'm curious how long it will take them to contact me. As a side note, I did have a PenFed membership a number of years ago. It was apparently closed out for inactivity. When I contacted them, they said that I needed to reapply as a new member. My lift expired, so my report is frozen again. Do you think I should temporarily lift it for them or just wait until they email me?

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