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  1. Hi everyone, just looking for some advice... I'm in the last year of my 20s and have a very high debt in general. I blame my past self since after getting my first job, I was blinded by approvals of several credit cards and used them like cash. I would like to start my journey to a better credit score, especially since my 30s will probably consist of buying a home and having children with my fiance. Not really sure where to start... I'd like to start bringing down my debt but I feel so overwhelmed with everything that I have to pay for. I currently keep track of my money using a spreadsheet, but that doesn't mean anything if I don't actually try to pay off the debt I have... I recently paid off my Chase CC balance (that's why it's 0 right now) and an installment loan around $2,500. Would it be better to pay the closed accounts first (at least the ones accruing interest), or pay off the balance in my open accounts? Any advice would be helpful, thank you! With that being said, here are my stats: Credit scores Experian - 565 | Equifax - 582 | Transunion - 587 Current monthly bills - ~$1240, including payments below Monthly salary - min $2,500 *New job that just started this month; previously, I was earning around $1,200 a month Current savings - $3,000 OPEN CC ACCOUNTS Chase - 0 (balance) / 500 (limit) @ (23.15%) min payment: $25 Capital One Quicksilver - 1,519/1,500 @(22.90%) min payment: $44 Capital One Platinum - 2,230/2,250 @ (22.90%) min payment: $70 CLOSED CC ACCOUNTS Bank of America - $2,110 @ (21.24%) min payment: $70 Barclays - $920 @ (21.24%) min payment: $30 CareCredit - $1,200 (under hardship assistance, interest no longer accruing) min payment: $22 Nordstrom - $1,915 (under hardship assistance, interest no longer accruing) min payment: $22 PayPal - $1,083 (under hardship assistance, interest no longer accruing) min payment: $25 Student Loans Sallie Mae - $25,000 (deferred payment, only paying $25 a month) Fed Loans - $16,000 (forbearance due to COVID19)

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